Money Lessons Every College Student Should Know Before Graduation

60-75 minutes

Financial hardships are the #1 reason students drop out of school. A student’s financial circumstances affect their campus involvement, academic performance and overall health and wellness. This workshop will not only teach your students how to make smarter money management decisions but also empower them with strategies to achieve financial and collegiate success. It’s more than numbers; it’s about empowering your students through fun, relevant, and compassionate financial education.

During this workshop your students will learn about:

  • Building credit
  • Basic budgeting
  • Building savings,
  • The importance (and ease) of Investing
  • Repaying student loans and,
  • How to effectively network for professional success

My presentation is different from a typical money talk. I don’t speak at your students; I speak with your students. Each presentation is 50% lecture and 50% conversational Q&A so that the individual needs and concerns of attendees are addressed.  

Leaders Aren’t Born Nor Made; They’re Found: Discovering The Authentic Leader in You

75-90 minutes

Strong student leaders help create a more accepting, equitable environment campus environment and are more prepared to work effectively in a diverse workplace. But authentic leadership is a journey of self-discovery.  Grounded in the principles integrity, character, collaboration and common purpose students will leave this workshop reminded that their previous achievements are not unique, but indicators of their excellence and ability to lead.

During this transformative experience students will:

  • Discover their own personal value system and the role it plays in decision making
  • Learn a basic understanding of different leadership styles and identify the styles that resonate with their values and beliefs
  • Understanding how to leverage their personal experiences to support the growth and cultural awareness of their peers.
  • Learn strategies for encouraging an open-minded environment and culture
  • Receive practical skills for overcoming criticism and actively seeking, evaluating, and applying feedback
  • Practice and apply strategies for becoming a better listener

Warning: This is an interactive workshop. Students will be encouraged to move, interact, and most importantly, have fun. Students will be empowered to lead in their own unique way.  

People like you inspire me, people like you have confirmed that I am on the right track. You have no idea how much you have touched my life since you came to speak at our school. I just watch and learn, and then take it into practice. I hope to stay in contact with you for the sake of your professional opinions from you. That’s all I would ever ask of you. Your true and honest professional opinion. Btw since you came to my school my credit score went from 630 to 690! Thanks again!

R. Dort – Student, NJCU

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