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Mind Right, Money Right: Creating Your Best Financial Life

60-75 minutes

87% of American’s lack financial confidence when it comes to managing the money and approximately 73% are living paycheck to paycheck. Concerns over money transcend class lines, and despite working hard to get ahead, most families are one check away from a financial crisis. Anxiety, depression, increased blood pressure, inability to focus, and irritability are just some of the effects of financial stress. 

This interactive finance workshop meets participants where they are and focuses on helping them create a new narrative and new habits that support their financial success. Attendees will leave with the following actionable tools and information:

  • An understanding of their money story how their experiences shape their relationship with money.
  • The tactics marketing companies use to encourage consumers to spend against their interests and how to counteract them.
  • How to create new habits that allow them to save more and invite abundance into their lives increase their financial health.
  • How to create a budget that aligns with their life goals

It’s more than numbers; it’s about empowering through fun, relevant, and compassionate financial education.

Leaders Aren’t Born Nor Made; They’re Found: Discovering The Authentic Leader in You

75-90 minutes

Strong leaders help create equitable communities and environments but true authentic leadership is a journey of self-discovery.  Grounded in the principles integrity, character, collaboration and common purpose participants will leave this workshop reminded that their previous achievements are not unique, but indicators of their excellence and ability to lead.

During this transformative experience students will:

  • Discover their own personal value system and the role it plays in decision making
  • Learn a basic understanding of different leadership styles and identify the styles that resonate with their values and beliefs
  • Understanding how to leverage their personal experiences to support the growth and cultural awareness of their peers.
  • Learn strategies for encouraging an open-minded environment and culture
  • Receive practical skills for overcoming criticism and actively seeking, evaluating, and applying feedback
  • Practice and apply strategies for becoming a better listener

Warning: This is an interactive workshop. Participants will be encouraged to move, interact, and most importantly, have fun.



Thanks to Tonya, ColorComm's new year event was a smashing success! She was the perfect speaker for this forum. All of the ladies in the audience appreciated the candor with which Tonya provided real, tangible financial guidance -- insight people at any stage in their financial journey can relate to and learn from.”

Zoe Zeigler
Executive Director, Color Comm NYC

Working with Tonya was an amazing experience. As the event organizer, I was the point of contact with Tonya and she was very professional and organized, yet fun and full of life from the first day we connected. Tonya brings so much knowledge and so many resources to the Financial Literacy world in a fun and engaging way, which sparks and keeps the interest of individuals from all backgrounds. Tonya’s message was engaging, enlightening and uplifting and I am glad to be a follower of My Fab Finance, and Tonya Rapley, not just in my professional life, but also personally.

Shaquilla Holmes
Delaware Financial Literacy
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