Why Focusing On One Aspect of Your Financial Journey Isn’t Enough

I’m often asked what’s the biggest financial mistake millennials make when it comes to their finances. In the past, responses have been not getting started or paying for services they can do themselves, for less. After five years of teaching financial education, I’ve realized that one of the biggest mistakes millennials make when it comes to their finances is focusing on only one aspect of their financial journey.Read More

4 Money Lessons I Learned From #GirlBoss

I’ll be honest, when I picked up #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso I never thought there would be so many valuable personal finance lessons in it. Business advice, tips, and motivation were my expectations, but what I received was a well rounded, personal account of someone who did the unexpected in her own way. Read More

The Impact of Checking Your Credit Report

Most people assume that checking your credit report negatively affects your credit score, however that isn’t always the case. This concern is warranted whether you have carefully built your credit score to it’s current standing or you are in the process of rebuilding it. It’s important to understand how the the FICO algorithm works and what actions impact your credit score.  Credit is like a puzzle and if you are are unaware of how all the pieces work, your score could be negatively affected. Read More

Everything You Should Know Before You Accept A Credit Card Balance Transfer Offer

In an ideal world, no one would carry a credit card balance from month to month.Many of us use credit with the intentions of paying the balances in full, then life happens. As time progresses the debt accumulates with interest every month making it more difficult to pay off. If you’re reading this, you are probably in search of a way to save money and get out of debt quicker. A credit card balance transfer may be the solution you are seeking. Read More

The Truth About Recovering From Car Repossession

The scenario often plays out like this. You purchase your dream car and the monthly payment seems feasible. Life happens and unforeseen events occur. The car payment becomes a burden. After crunching the numbers and unsuccessfully trying to make it work, the vehicle is repossessed. This scenario is all too familiar for families and individuals that experience financial hardship. Although it may seem like a daunting task, you can recover from car repossession. Read More

TMWT Episode 4: Does Monitoring Your Credit Impact Your Score

Credit related questions are understandably among the most frequently asked questions I receive at My Fab Finance. Credit is extremely important and if you are not among the individuals who can afford to pay all cash everything, you will need at least one line of credit in your lifetime.

For our most recent taping I decided to tackle one of the most frequently asked credit questions in this week’s Talk Money with Tonya.


As I previously mentioned we have switched over to a bi-weekly posting schedule for Talk Money with Tonya episodes. If you have a question AWESOME!!! Submit your questions to ask.fm/TalkMoneyWithTonya and we will answer it during our next taping.

TMWT Episode 3: Using a Secured Card To Increase Your Credit Score

I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday. I tell you, the Talk Money With Tonya series reminds me just how fast time is flying.

This week we are diving into my favorite topic…credit!!! If you have been wondering how you can increase your credit score, this one is for you my dahling.


We will be taping more segments over the weekend so if you have a question leave it below or at ask.fm/talkmoneywithtonya

I appreciate the feedback I’ve been receiving from you all and the continued support. I hope that you are thoroughly enjoying the #Financialpalooza giveaway. We have a huge upcoming event on Friday to mark the final giveaway. Oh and just a heads up, starting next week we will follow an alternating weekly schedule.


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