3 Surprising Financial Abuse Tactics That Will Change How You View Relationships

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Some of you may be aware that I essentially created My Fab Finance as a result of the financial damages I experienced during a relationship that was physically, emotionally and financially abusive. I share my story throughout the year, because I feel that it is my responsibility as a survivor and financial counselor to raise awareness about this sensitive topic.

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TMWT Episode 6: Why Did My Credit Score Drop?

You’ve done everything you’re supposed to do and BAM! You notice that your credit score has dropped.

That happened to one My Fab Finance reader and we answered her question in this week’s Talk Money With Tonya

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TMWT Episode 4: Does Monitoring Your Credit Impact Your Score

Credit related questions are understandably among the most frequently asked questions I receive at My Fab Finance. Credit is extremely important and if you are not among the individuals who can afford to pay all cash everything, you will need at least one line of credit in your lifetime.

For our most recent taping I decided to tackle one of the most frequently asked credit questions in this week’s Talk Money with Tonya.


As I previously mentioned we have switched over to a bi-weekly posting schedule for Talk Money with Tonya episodes. If you have a question AWESOME!!! Submit your questions to ask.fm/TalkMoneyWithTonya and we will answer it during our next taping.

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