Everything You Should Know Before You Accept A Credit Card Balance Transfer Offer

In an ideal world, no one would carry a credit card balance from month to month.Many of us use credit with the intentions of paying the balances in full, then life happens. As time progresses the debt accumulates with interest every month making it more difficult to pay off. If you’re reading this, you are probably in search of a way to save money and get out of debt quicker. A credit card balance transfer may be the solution you are seeking. Read More

3 Surprising Financial Abuse Tactics That Will Change How You View Relationships

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Some of you may be aware that I essentially created My Fab Finance as a result of the financial damages I experienced during a relationship that was physically, emotionally and financially abusive. I share my story throughout the year, because I feel that it is my responsibility as a survivor and financial counselor to raise awareness about this sensitive topic.

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The Super Fab Financial Planner Is Here!

I need you to do me a favor. Re-read the title in your best Oprah favorite things voice.

No seriously. Guys! I am so happy to share this with you today. If you follow me on social media you know I’ve been dropping hints for the past few weeks. The team and I have been working on the Super Fab Financial planner since March and today it’s finally ready for the world. I’m so so thankful for my team. Sierra, I couldn’t have done this without you. Kaye, you executed my vision flawlessly. Read More

The Ultimate Student Loan Guide Is Here

Student Loans. Most of us have them, yet few of us understand them.

I overwhelmingly receive questions about student loans on a weekly, if not daily basis.

I decided that I needed to create a comprehensive student loan guide that answers the most commonly asked-and a few not so commonly, but equally as good-questions. Read More

15 Kick A$$ Money Affirmations To Super Charge Your Financial Journey

The financial journey is full of joy and pain… sunshine and rain. (I seriously just did a B-Boy body rock after typing that.)

Okay, okay let’s get semi- serious.

The financial journey is rewarding but it is not always without challenges. We often hit bumps and minor road blocks along the way that can discourage us from proceeding or knock us off our game. But those events are not an indication to pull off the road. Challenges are an opportunity to utilize the information you have gained and persevere in the face of adversity.

Story Time

My Fab Finance isn’t my first attempt at blogging. I moved to New York in 2008 with a music blog that highlighted indie artists. Despite achieving minor success, I wasn’t able to generate income running the site. Two years later I decided to close the site. The out of the blue I had the idea to start My Fab Finance. I initially started the site to document my journey to financial freedom, in hopes of earning free clothes. I just wanted some free clothes y’all!

I had an epiphany while traveling through Europe. I love My Fab Finance and the projects I was involved in. I met a few other bloggers that were simultaneously able to create income from blogging and changing lives. A new possibility was unveiled to me. I set out to generate enough money through My Fab Finance to earn a respectable side income. I wrote down positive affirmations and began saying what I wanted every day.

And guess what? It WORKED! Today I make anywhere between $1500-$4000 on My Fab Finance a month. It has not replaced my income from my full-time job but it will. I know it will because I continue to practice positive thinking and I am walking in my purpose.

Storytime /Over

I firmly believe in the law of attraction. I have seen it work repeatedly in my own life which is why I wanted to gift you a few money affirmations to help you along your journey.  Below are 15 affirmations collected from last week’s #Financialpalooza challenge.

I encourage you to write down at least 2 of your favorites or create your own. Post your affirmations in a place that you walk by every day. Mine are posted on my bedroom mirror. Make it a practice to repeat the affirmations to yourself as often as you can throughout the day. Continue to do repeat these affirmations, even if the results aren’t immediate. Things will begin to happen.

The only thing I ask is that as changes begin to occur in your life, please share them with me. I love to see the power of positive thinking transform individuals lives.

Now. Let’s get to the good stuff <3

  • I move from poverty thinking to prosperity thinking and my finances reflect this change. – LaToya Joseph
  • I am a money magnet. – Jamie Fleming-Dixon
  • I am debt free. Money is constantly flowing into my life. – LaTrice Worthy
  • I walk in abundance all my needs are met. – Monique Parker
  • All demands have been fulfilled and every need has been provided for. – Jennifer Terry
  • My steps are ordered, my finances are in order, and I embrace abundance. – Bianca Michelle
  • My money makes money. – Asiah Charles
  • I love money. Money flows easily into my life. – Melody Bundy
  • My money consciousness is always increasing and keeping me surrounded by money. – Sasha Be
  • I am a good steward over my blessings. – Alicia Williams
  • I control my money, my money does not control me. – Keeyana M. Avery
  • I create wealth and live rich in faith, love and family. – Ijana Nathaniel
  • I walk in my purpose. Peace, healthy, and wealth with follow. – Marquita Ki Fokus
  • My self-worth and net worth are growing. – Janese Evans
  • Every day I am attracting and saving more and more money. – Angela Beaty

Thank you to all of the individuals that participated in the contest and shared their affirmation. If you have one that you use and would like to share it with the My Fab Finance community, leave it below.


3 Simple Strategies to Kick off Your Journey to Financial Freedom

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase self-love?

Okay. What comes to mind when you hear the phrase financial freedom?

This past weekend I spoke to the beautiful audience at the Locs Revolution event in NYC about this important topic. As women, we are constantly under attack and bombarded by societal perceptions of perfection. Said perception even exists within the natural hair community.

Sidebar! Did you all know that some of your favorite fitness gurus are out there getting abdominal etching and lipo? I’m not going to name any names but take a look at Dr.Miami’s instagram account. But we aren’t going to dig into that right now (just be very aware).

The conversation I had with the audience was extremely timely, because while our self- perceptions are under siege so are our wallets. Products are furiously marketed towards us with a promise to fill a void caused by an inability to meet the societal perception of perfection. Waist trainer anyone?

During the presentation I focused on the relationship between self love and financial freedom. I highlighted three key details, that would allow attendees to begin creating financial freedom for themselves.

Check out the recap video below for the juicy parts of the presentation.

Now, the comments have been getting a little skimpy and I LOVE hearing from you. I want you to think about what self love and or financial freedom mean to you and share below, for the world to see.

Is Social Media Endangering Your Budget?

Love it or hate it, social media has changed our lives. It has become a part or our daily routines and conversations. Everyday millions of people take to social media to post their latest accomplishments and acquisitions, in some cases driving unsaid competition between otherwise complete strangers.

I was recently taped by the Reuters for a much needed piece that explores the impact social media can have on finances.

Check the piece out HERE.

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