Baby on the Way! Financially Preparing for Maternity Leave

Thinking about having a child? Or maybe you’ve recently found out you’re pregnant! Congratulations!

A range of emotions may have hit you – excitement, bewilderment, surprise, and anxiety – but after some time, your rational mind kicks in and asks,

“Wait, can I even afford to have a child?”

“How much should I save?”

“Does my job offer paid maternity leave?”

These are the questions my wife and I had when we first started to think about having our first child. There’s so much involved with bringing new life into the world, we really didn’t want to add financial stress to the list.Read More

The Best Financial Advice For Women? Establish Your Own Financial Identity

Guest Post By: Amanda Atcheson, Product Marketing Manager at CO-OP Financial Services

It’s hard to believe that only some fifty odd years ago, a woman’s financial identity was tied explicitly to someone else – her husband, her father or some other male in her life. In the modern age, women make up nearly half of the American workforce. In addition, the average age of marriage is now in the late 20s – and unfortunately, the divorce rate remains high.Read More

5 Stores That Price Match and Help You Save Money

A fantastic benefit of budgeting and managing your personal finances is that you have a clear idea of how much you can afford on things like clothes, make up, and other personal care items. However, even with the best intentions of saving money, life gets hectic and these things can quickly add up. With that in mind, I’ve had to find different ways to save money without clipping coupons or hopping from store to store. One of the ways I’ve found to be a great (and quick) way to save money is price matching.Read More

[OPINION] Should Child Support Change When A Parent Remarries?

Throughout communities and among family court advocates, child support laws are at the center of many heated debates. Some feel that parents who actually pay their child support end up suffering under the current system, while parents that do not financially support their kids have found ways to manipulate or avoid the system. Some prefer to keep the courts out of their parental matters; in some cases it seems impossible for parties to co-parent in a low-conflict manner.Read More

Life Insurance 101: Everything You Need To Know To Protect Your Family & Build a Legacy

The topic of life insurance can often conjure uncomfortable feelings. Some may even be intimidated by the thought of purchasing a life insurance policy. Why? We primarily like to avoid thinking about our expiration dates, but it’s an inevitable fact of life. If you fail to plan properly, your loved ones may incur debt or resort to creating GoFundMe campaigns to cover funeral expenses.
Read More

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