How to Transition your Work Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

Fall is finally here, and you know what that means? The weather is changing and so is your wardrobe! Whether you’re working from home or the office, dressing appropriately for your career is imperative. Seasonal changes can make getting dressed somewhat challenging and a little costly. Pour a cup of coffee and continue reading to learn How to Transition your Work Wardrobe from Summer to Fall (on a Budget) for both business professional and casual work environments.

Fall is such a transitional season. It may feel like fall in the morning, summer by lunch and like an autumn night as the sun begins to set. So how in the world do you dress for two different temperatures in one day? Layering! It’s time to pull out those cozy cardigans and opaque tights for that chilly morning commute.

Dresses are one of my favorites. They’re versatile, super easy and perfect for any type of weather. By simply adding the right pieces, this simple look can keep you feeling comfortable throughout any climate change.

Business casual:

  • Layer a basic, fitted tee underneath your sleeveless, midi dress
  • Pointed or round toe flats are comfy for running around the office
  • Add a fun, statement necklace to bring the look together


Business professional:

  • Layer a simple white button-down shirt underneath your sleeveless summer, midi dress
  • Throw on your favorite block heels which are chic but work appropriate
  • Add a gold or silver watch to always keep track of time in between meetings


The power suit is the best way to look well dressed effortlessly. Whether it’s a pantsuit or a skirt suit, you’ll always be work ready in a matter of seconds.

Business casual:

  • Pair your blazer with dark washed denim jeans
  • Layer a clean tee shirt or printed blouse underneath
  • An appropriately sized hoop earring will add just the right touch


Business professional:

  • Wear your entire suit with a solid or printed shell underneath
  • A simple necklace is perfect for this look
  • A pointed toe pump will bring this look together


Skirts can be tricky. It all depends on your height and body shape when deciding which style of skirt to wear to work. Some skirts may deemed inappropriate while others are considered just right. We use the fingertip test to determine if our skirt is appropriate for work. If you’re still having trouble deciding, just think, “knee length”.

Business casual:

  • Rock your favorite pencil skirt with a simple sleeveless tee
  • Pull out your favorite leather jacket to layer over top
  • Throw on a bootie for some added height and flare


Business professional:

  • A pencil skirt is also the ultimate work wear piece
  • A simple shell or blouse can be worn tucked in
  • A tailored blazer and a waist belt will bring this look together


Now that wasn’t that bad, was it? Transitioning your wardrobe into the next season should be fairly easy if you have all the right pieces. For those of you whose work attire is business casual, remember that “business” comes first. If you have to question your outfit, it’s probably not appropriate. For those business professionals, don’t be afraid to add some textures and colors. It’s okay to take a little bit of summer with you into the fall.

Look out for our next post where we’ll discuss fall 2017 trends and where you can find them on a budget!


Written + styled by:

Christen Johnson

Founder of SophisticatedChic Brand, LLC.

4 Warning Signs That You Might Be Getting Scammed

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You work hard for your money and the last thing you want to do is lose it in a scam. Millions of people fall prey to scams every year. They affect people of all education levels and societal classes. Thieves and fraudsters are evolving with technology and it’s important to identify the signs of a scam as early as possible to avoid costly effects that could take months, even years to erase.

Here are four warning signs that you might be getting scammed:

They Approach You

For most of us, when we want something we conduct research and then contact the preferred vendors or businesses. Unsolicited calls with exceptionally good news are usually a sign of a scam, especially if you haven’t received a written notice from the company before. If you receive a phone call that seems suspicious DO NOT provide any information before asking and receiving the following.

● The employee's name, ID and a call back number with their direct extension if necessary.

● The website of the company they are calling from.

● Information regarding how they obtained your information.

Once you receive this information look up the company online to find out if any search yields information pertaining to scams. If it is legitimate then you can call the employee back at the number and direct extension they provided to you.

The same goes for home improvement scams. According to “if someone knocks on your door or calls you and you haven't been investigating any home improvements, beware.”

They Invite You to Check Their Better Business Bureau Rating

Back in 2010 it was uncovered that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) was essentially a pay to play organization. If a company had money to pay the BBB, they’d receive a grade A regardless of customer complaints or customer experiences.

Scammers use the platform as a way to”legitimize” their business. Rather than referring to the BBB check out Yelp for customer reviews or ask friends and neighbors for referrals.

They Request That You Pay Up Front

While some business interactions require a deposit or payments at regular intervals, beware of claims that state that you have won a lottery, prize, or can invest in a great opportunity, if you pay a small fee in advance. According to the FBI, often times these scams require their clients to sign contracts where they agree to pay the fee. Victims often learn that they are ineligible for financing only after they have paid the nonrefundable finders fee according to the contract.

You shouldn’t have to give money to receive your prize money in return.

They Ask For Private Information Without Previous Interaction

Your private information is just that, private. A company that you have no previous relationship with should not request personal information such as bank account information, birthdate, or social security number without providing you ample notice such as a mailing, that they will need this information and that they will be contacting you.

This is not to say that something is automatically a scam if it contains any of the aforementioned warning signs, but it does mean that you should conduct extensive research on the company to determine its legitimacy.

For more information on identifying loan scams in particular visit’s Resource Center.

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