#IDoTheNew with Toyota

Earlier this summer I was approached by Toyota about participating in their upcoming #IDoTheNew campaign for Toyota. Shooting this commercial was such an intense experience.Read More

TMWT Episode 3: Using a Secured Card To Increase Your Credit Score

I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday. I tell you, the Talk Money With Tonya series reminds me just how fast time is flying.

This week we are diving into my favorite topic…credit!!! If you have been wondering how you can increase your credit score, this one is for you my dahling.


We will be taping more segments over the weekend so if you have a question leave it below or at ask.fm/talkmoneywithtonya

I appreciate the feedback I’ve been receiving from you all and the continued support. I hope that you are thoroughly enjoying the #Financialpalooza giveaway. We have a huge upcoming event on Friday to mark the final giveaway. Oh and just a heads up, starting next week we will follow an alternating weekly schedule.


3 Simple Strategies to Kick off Your Journey to Financial Freedom

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase self-love?

Okay. What comes to mind when you hear the phrase financial freedom?

This past weekend I spoke to the beautiful audience at the Locs Revolution event in NYC about this important topic. As women, we are constantly under attack and bombarded by societal perceptions of perfection. Said perception even exists within the natural hair community.

Sidebar! Did you all know that some of your favorite fitness gurus are out there getting abdominal etching and lipo? I’m not going to name any names but take a look at Dr.Miami’s instagram account. But we aren’t going to dig into that right now (just be very aware).

The conversation I had with the audience was extremely timely, because while our self- perceptions are under siege so are our wallets. Products are furiously marketed towards us with a promise to fill a void caused by an inability to meet the societal perception of perfection. Waist trainer anyone?

During the presentation I focused on the relationship between self love and financial freedom. I highlighted three key details, that would allow attendees to begin creating financial freedom for themselves.

Check out the recap video below for the juicy parts of the presentation.

Now, the comments have been getting a little skimpy and I LOVE hearing from you. I want you to think about what self love and or financial freedom mean to you and share below, for the world to see.

I Found My Wedding Dress for Under $500!!

The budget wedding planning Is In full swing y’all. If the ring wasn’t enough, its official, we have a wedding on our hands.

I’ve been dropping tidbits about the #ForeverFlashy wedding on social media over the past few months, including our decision to switch up our wedding plans just a few weeks after we put our deposit down on an elaborate Maryland wedding factory (not really a factor, but they crank weddings out like one). More on this decision later when the wedding segment of the site is up and running but I will say we are aiming to pull off a wedding in Brooklyn, New York for $7,000.

But let’s talk about what you came here for because I took a giant leap towards our impending nuptials this past weekend and purchased my dress!

Upon the urging of my girl Latisha Styles over at Young Finances I checked out Brides Against Cancer.


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5 Things I’d Tell My Younger Financial Self
Younger Self. Yeah. Don't I look like I was living the YOLO life?

Younger Self. Yeah. Don’t I look like I was living the YOLO life?

The other day a friend and I were talking about the mistakes of our past and we jokingly said that hindsight is clearer than 20/20; hindsight is Lasik Vision. The beauty of time is it allows you to reflect on your past decisions, and if you are fortunate and open to change, you grow from them.

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Oh Hi… I’m Engaged!

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 6.13.02 PM

Now lets get insurance!

Well I guess I kinda got straight to the point with that title huh?

If you follow me on a social media or know me in person this isn’t news to you. But it’s news to on MyFabFinance.com and I figured it was time to let the cat out of the bag.

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The First Ever My Fab Finance E-book Is HERE!

I am overflowing with emotion. No really, as I type this from my New Orleans Hotel lobby “Somewhere over the rainbow” is playing. Can it get any more perfect than that!?!

In March I determined that writing a book was my non-negotiable goal for the year. Today that dream becomes a reality.

Today, 6 months later, I present to you 7 Life Changing Money Tips: Learn How To Save Money, Get Out of Debt, & Create Finances As Fabulous As You.

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As integrity is my personal mantra, I promise never to spam you.

Cheers, Love, and all that good stuff.

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