There are some of us that like focus on long term goals. I prefer the quick reward of short term goals from time to time, which is why I made a simple decision that saves me at least $500 a year. I removed my acrylic nails.

Don't laugh this pic is from my MySpace days! The point is to display the nails.
Don’t laugh this pic is from my MySpace days! The point is to display the nails.

My nail issues go back. Way back. In high school I sought employment to maintain my nails each week. Over the years I have alternated between doing my own manicures and paying others. Somehow I began to pay for manicures again in November, just before vacation. I have been factoring my manicure expenses into my budget ever since. I have never been able to grow long nails and have always despised my short tips. Vitamins, treatments, nail hardeners. You name it, and I have probably used it in an attempt to strengthen my natural nails.

The goal was to eventually begin doing my own acrylic nails. But I never got around to doing my own acrylic nails. I felt that my time could be best spent on things like finishing my masters degree or continuing to bring you great-at least I hope you think it’s great-content.

While $25 bi-weekly seems insignificant, that’s $50 per month that could go towards paying off a debt. On March 1st I made the decision to start the month with removing my acrylic nails. I’m stepping up my financial goals a notch by squeezing an unnecessary item out of my budget.

Nails on my recent trip to Puerto Rico

I’d like to introduce to you the #MyFabIsLess challenge. Ask yourself, what can you squeeze out of your budget that will enable you to accomplish your financial goals quicker?

Share the item/habit you are giving up via the comments below or on social media using the #myfabisless tag. 

I look forward to hearing what you are giving up. Hopefully it will provide others with ideas on how they can maximize their budget.

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Author: Tonya

Tonya Rapley is a Certified Financial Educator and millennial money expert. After improving her credit score by 130 points in 18 months, she fell in love with personal finance and created My Fab Finance. Tonya's goal is to help individuals become financially free so that they can do more of what they love.

  • LOLOLOL “from my myspace days” I LOVE IT! And I love this challenge. My budget is pretty lean so I am going to ponder this one for a bit and let you know what I’ll squeeze out of my budget so I can join the #MyFabIsLess Challenge.

  • Ladytaj

    I did give up acrylic nails a few years back. I am currently trying to live on one pay check per month. All about saving this year! No more buying just to buy! I currently have clothes in my closet from last year I have not worn. I know IT IS SAD…. but growing is changing…

    • Tonya

      Taj you have inspired me! Im going to have a look at my life expenses and see if I can live off of one paycheck a month 🙂 I think I can! Thanks for reading and dropping this gem on me 🙂

  • LaKeisha

    I am highly interested in giving up fast food. It takes a toll on my finances big time as well as my energy.

    • Tonya

      Hey Lakeisha, it really does. It’s hard though, fast food is addicting. Some days I find my self craving a big ol’ nasty burger lol. It happens tot he best of us. But kicking fast food is not only good for your wallet its good for your health.

  • michelle lane

    My challenge will be to stop eating out. I spend approximately 250 to 350 eating at restaurants in a course of a week. This will be very difficult because my time management skills are horrible. I cook and we st
    ill eat out a great deal even when I cook! Some weeks we spend 450 and just eat out all week! So this will definitely be a challenge for me….

    • Tonya

      OMG Michelle! we gotta nip this in the butt! If your time management skills how about buying stuff that easy to prepare when you go grocery shopping like Stauffers lasagna or Digorno? I think your trick will be limit yourself to dining out one day a week. Don’t go cold turkey thats too much. But slowly cut back. lol you’re my cousin and I know you know way too many good cooks to be paying that much money to eat out! <3

  • Nesha

    I too eat out too much. Not dining per se but definitely a quick grab here and a starbucks drink there. Im spending somewhere between $35-$50 weekly…and thats a minimum. Im focusing on trying to brown bag it more for lunch and overcoming the itch to stop and grab a sweet treat or drink while im out. And try rubbing organic unrefined virgin coconut oil into your nails/cuticles daily. See if that’ll help with growth. It did wonders for me!

    • Tonya

      Eating out can cost us so much. I definitely sympathize with you. It can be hard when you find yourself out longer than anticipated and you end up grabbing a bite to prevent yourself from passing out. Somehow that usually restarts the spending cycle and you find yourself back in spend mode. Keep me posted with how its going. Perhaps try taking it slow. Allow yourself one coffee a week. Then ween off 🙂

      Also thanks so much for the coconut oil tip. Im going to try that. It did wonders for my hair.

  • From Jan. 1 up until Thursday, I stopped my $20 every two weeks thrifting habit. Although I only spent $2 on Thursday, I don’t want to get back into thrifting just because. So, I’m going back to my spending fast for the challenge :).

    • Tonya

      Thats a good plan Adrienne! Its funny how those little things can add up right? I find when thrifting I actually end up buying things that I think look cool but will probably never wear. But keep me posted with how things come along!

  • Tonya, I love this challenge. I love the item of living on one check. I gotta run the numbers, though.

  • Saki

    I go back and forth between salon and at home pedicures… going to see how much I can save by sticking to at home care.

  • Shina

    I love this post. I am so restricted on what I spend currently, I have no clue where to start!

    • Tonya

      Thank You! One way you can do it is challenging yourself to use up all hair or nail product before buying more with the exception of staple products you can’t go without.

      For example my hair care staples are Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk, Aussie 3 Min Miracle, ORS Style and Hold pudding, Coconut oil, and Carols Daughter clarifying shampoo. I don’t buy any new products if it isn’t one of those. Prior to restricting my regimen I was a lightweight product junkie buying things I saw that worked for others on social media. I found what worked for me and stuck to it. When I want to experiment I use something from my product junkie days but I refuse to buy anything new. 🙂 Hope I explained that well and that it helps.

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  • Your site is phenomenal! I am going to do the No Shopping Challenge for 2015. I’m going to make a list of something I won’t buy each month and start preparing now. I’m really excited. Thank you for all of this knowledge and information. I’ve been “lost” on your site for a few hours now and I’m in love!