March 29th- April 2nd
A 5-Day challenge to help you create a healthy relationship with money & invite an abundance of good into your life.

The balance in your bank account, your income last year and everything else about your money is a result of an unconscious mental formula you have constructed as a result of environment and conditioning. 

Join us and make with peace abundance so that you can receive all that you deserve & more. 

Each Day of The Challenge You Will Recieve:
  • A 10 minute meditation facilitated by a different instructor (Instructors TBA)
  • A guiding mantra or affirmation to reflect on throughout the day
  • ​A simple, gratitude assignment to invite more good into your life
About Tonya Rapley
Tonya is an internationally recognized speaker, mompreneur, best selling author and millennial money expert. She is the founder of My Fab Finance and author of The Money Manual. 

She is on a mission to help 100,000 people make better financial decisions so they can achieve their goals & do more of what they love.

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