Naviacating the touchy landscape of lending Money to Friends and Family

The title of this post most likely evoked two polar opposite emotional responses. Those responses are most likely based on a) whether or not you are the family member that is always loaning money or b) if you are the family member that is always asking for money.

Some of us have been fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to transition from the requester to the requestee. Today I joined Black Enterprise for a fantastic lunchtime twitter chat about this much avoided financial topic. We had a great audience and dug in to this touchy topic.

If you were busy grinding it out at lunch, I understand and have you covered friend.

And Sound off! Let me know in the comments below how you handle money requests from your friends and family or what you struggle with when it comes to them and money.

Find the highlights from my conversation with Black Enterprise about lending money to family and friends below.




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