Debunking 3 Credit Card Myths + Pros & Cons of Credit Cards

Credit cards have dramatically changed consumer saving and spending habits. It would not be an exaggeration to say that credit cards have impacted personal finance as much as cell phones have impacted personal communication. We won’t go through the history of credit cards, but as a financial product it’s relatively young. Credit cards as we
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My 8 Must Have Drugstore Cosmetics

First impressions matter and there is nothing wrong with wanting to put your best face forward. But when it comes to the tools and products of the trade, things can get pricey. With Youtube experts and Instagram gurus professing love for products left and right, your wallet can get “beat” during the process. Here is
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4 Ways to Save Money While In Debt

Should you pay off debt or save money? It almost seems impossible to save money while burdened by debt. One of the biggest obstacles people face when overcoming a poor financial situation is the inability to save while juggling large debt obligations. I’m going to let you know right now, you have to make temporary
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