#MyFabIsLess The One Thing I Never Check Out Of A Hotel Without Doing

hotel checkout

During college I worked as a traveling beauty advisor for Estee Lauder. Yep. Somehow I have managed to sell cars and make-up and I don’t even like selling! I was the youngest person on the team and travelled throughout North Carolina and … Continue reading

[Guest Post] Transform Your Closet Into An Office!

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Today’s guest post comes from one of my very good friends, Miss Naja Matthews. You might remember Naja from her Beauty on a Budget piece last year. Well, a few weeks back we welcomed Naja as one of our newest … Continue reading

#MyFabIsLess DIY Draino- Unclog Drains Naturally With Baking Soda and Vinegar


Move over Drano! On Sunday I discovered that baking soda mixed with vinegar not only creates and awesome volcano science project. It unclogs drains!!! Disclaimer: I didn’t stumble upon this because I am an eco-junkie. I stumbled upon it because I … Continue reading