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Are You Sabotaging Your Financial Greatness?

This is a guest post written by Kellinda Brown. $670.00 you have got to be kidding me I said to myself. I started pressing buttons on my handheld calculator (don’t judge me lol). I added the amounts up about 3 more times and it kept


3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Life Insurance

September is Life Insurance Awareness month. This post is in partnership with, which helps spread awareness of the importance of term life insurance. Learn more about how you can protect your family and your finances. I was raised in military household, which meant living


5 Easy Ways To Travel on a Budget Year Round

Just because summer is coming to an end (sadly) doesn’t mean you can’t get your travel on. Aside from traveling during the off-season there a few golden travel on a budget rules that my frugal friends and I frequently implement. Continue to read HERE to learn the five

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