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My Fab Finance started as a side hustle. Side hustles are one of the often untold secrets of households that break the constraints of financial insecurity. During my childhood, my parents always had a side hustle. For a good part of my childhood I had a side hustle.

I continued to have several during college and beyond.

While your financial situation is largely attributed to your spending habits, some people actually have an income issue.

They are unable to reasonably reduce their expenses to cover the necessities and simultaneously achieve their financial goals. While getting out of financial duress may require extreme measures, a side hustle is one of the best ways to best ways to boost your income.

In 1989 my parents stocked shelves at the military supermarket to earn side income. In 2016 individuals are driving on weekends, operating E-bay stores, and taking advantage of technology to generate additional income. Earning additional money is easier than it has ever been.

What exactly is a side-hustle?
A side hustle is a way to make extra money outside of your day job. If it isn’t generating income, it is likely a hobby.

The type of side hustle you select depends on your availability. In order for a side hustle to become a viable stream of income, you need to treat it BETTER than you treat your primary source of income. If you are using side income to get you out of debt or to build a savings account be sure to do the following:

Draft a plan for how you will apply the income earned.
Create a separate account for your savings

Here is a comprehensive list of 5 posts with viable side hustles to help you:

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A few of the lists may have repeating options. I apologize in advance.

Happy side hustling!




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