What comes to mind when you hear the phrase self-love?

Okay. What comes to mind when you hear the phrase financial freedom?

This past weekend I spoke to the beautiful audience at the Locs Revolution event in NYC about this important topic. As women, we are constantly under attack and bombarded by societal perceptions of perfection. Said perception even exists within the natural hair community.

Sidebar! Did you all know that some of your favorite fitness gurus are out there getting abdominal etching and lipo? I’m not going to name any names but take a look at Dr.Miami’s instagram account. But we aren’t going to dig into that right now (just be very aware).

The conversation I had with the audience was extremely timely, because while our self- perceptions are under siege so are our wallets. Products are furiously marketed towards us with a promise to fill a void caused by an inability to meet the societal perception of perfection. Waist trainer anyone?

During the presentation I focused on the relationship between self love and financial freedom. I highlighted three key details, that would allow attendees to begin creating financial freedom for themselves.

Check out the recap video below for the juicy parts of the presentation.

Now, the comments have been getting a little skimpy and I LOVE hearing from you. I want you to think about what self love and or financial freedom mean to you and share below, for the world to see.




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