Confession: I was a stay-at-home mom for almost 2 months while I was transitioning from one career to another. I enjoyed the freedom of not having to live and die by the alarm clock every morning. I absolutely loved being able to have the time to drink my morning coffee from my favorite coffee cup as opposed to downing it in my metallic Contigo travel mug on the way to work in bumper to bumper rush hour traffic. But I definitely reached a point where I felt like I needed to do something more than just, well, be at home. For years I had been trying to get my freelance writing side hustle off the ground, and with all my newly found “free time”, I decided to put my energy towards that while my daughter was still attending daycare, or if she was home, in between nap times and meals.

I am fully aware that my situation was a little unique in that I knew that the period of time that I would be home had a definite ending. For other moms, that may not be the case. Mothers elect to be stay-at-home moms for a variety of reasons ranging from homeschooling, caring for a special needs child, to pure economics (i.e. it can be more cost efficient, in some cases, to stay home than to pay for childcare). But, one thread consistently interwoven throughout many of their stories is that depression is common.

According to a 2012 Gallup Poll, non-employed women with young children at home are more likely than employed women with young children at home to report feelings of sadness and anger, and less likely to have felt like they learned something new. One might wonder if the routine and sometimes, monotony, of child-rearing, might leave some moms feeling like they are missing out or that they’re not contributing enough to their household in meaningful ways. While there certainly is no one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with stay-at-home mom depression, more and more studies are showing that moms are finding creative ways to use their amazing skills and help to bring home the bacon. 

I reached out to my fellow moms in popular Facebook mommy groups such as Melanin Moms as well as regional mom groups in my area to try to get some creative ideas of what some of them were doing to bring in extra cash. 


Quite a few moms shared that they deliver through Postmates. Once you pass an initial background check and attend an orientation, you are able to set your own hours and can keep 80% of the delivery fee. Experienced couriers can earn up to $25/hour and earn anywhere from $250 to $500 per week (conservatively) depending on how frequently they deliver. This is a great option for those who have access to vehicles. You can strap the little ones in during their nap times, drop off some items and be back home in just a few hours. 

Bar Trivia Host 

In the world of fun and creative side hustles, this one definitely lands somewhere near the top of the list. Now, granted, this is probably one of the less kid-friendly options, but if you can come to an arrangement with your significant other or a sitter for a couple of hours, consider signing up at your local pub for some good ole-fashioned trivia hosting. One mom in the Facebook group shared that she would do it one night a week and bring in approximately $250/month. Perfect for mamas who just need a night out!

Lice Removal 

Those creepy-crawlies often rear their heads around back-to-school time and while there are plenty of over-the-counter DIY lice removal kits, some moms may find it easier to have a skilled professional get the job done. Moms who reported doing this side hustle says that they could earn anywhere from $300-$800/month depending on the demand. 

Resume and Cover Letter Review

Do you have an eye for great resumes? More and more moms share that they charge small fees to help friends, family members, and old colleagues revamp their resumes and cover letters. Services offered range from proofreading to light revisions, to full resume writing. Monthly income may vary depending on your fee structure, but moms who engage in this side hustle report earning anywhere from $250 to $500 per month.

Dog Walking 

Live in a dog-friendly community? With this side hustle, you never have to worry about not getting your steps in every day. Consider offering your services to your neighbors to walk their dogs. Moms report that they can earn up to $1000 per month walking dogs. It’s also a great way to get some fresh air and you can even bring the kiddos along for the adventure. 

These are just a few fun and creative options for earning some cash. We’d love to hear what other ways you side hustle queens are building your financial empires. Feel free to leave a comment below!

Written by our contributor, Christina Merriweather

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