It’s easy to feel like Cupid won’t come knocking at your door if you are trying to watch your coins this Valentine’s day. However, nothing elicits creativity more than budget constraints. If you are already stressed thinking about spending money you don’t have to impress the one you love, there’s hope!  Here are some really dope ways to celebrate Valentine’s day with your friends, family, or that special someone without doling out a lot of cash.

1. Dine In

Skipping the fancy restaurant dinner date and dining in at home is one of the best ways to save money and still have some quality time with your special Valentine. If you know your way around the kitchen, you can stir up your number one dish or order takeout from one of your favorite yet less pricey spots.  Eating at home allows you to be more creative. Create a theme, light some candles, and throw on some of your favorite songs. Nothing says I love you like eating a delicious meal in a relaxed setting with great company.    

2. Reschedule

If eating out is a must, consider going before or after Valentine’s day.   A lot of restaurants raise their prices during holidays and Valentine’s day is no exception.  You can count on a lower tab and also keep your nerves intact by avoiding long wait times and parking nightmares, and you can pick a day that works best for your schedules. 

3. Netflix & Chill

With busy schedules and time constraints, most of us never have the time to sit and watch our favorite shows like we would like to. Get your fix by spending Valentine’s evening snuggled up watching a few episodes of your latest show craze, or feel free to get hooked on a new show that you have heard rave reviews about.

4. Let The Games Begin

It may sound cheesy but, breaking out some cards or board games brings out some friendly competition and fun times with your loved one.  Combine games with cocktails or drinks of your choice and you can have a Valentine’s day memory that you will cherish forever. 

5. A Friendly Challenge

Everyone loves a little challenge! Set a maximum dollar amount that suits your budgets (try to keep it insanely low). Challenge each other to only spend that amount.  Plan a date with that figure or find unique yet meaningful gifts. If you find yourself stumped about what to purchase or plan, take some time to consider what makes that person happy?  What types of things do they enjoy doing? What are some special memories or times that the both of you share?

No need to burn a hole in your pocket to make Valentine’s day extra special.  Although expensive outings and presents are nice, gifts that are from the heart matter much more.  With some planning, a spending limit, and some thought you can show that special someone they are loved and greatly appreciated.

Written by our contributor, Candice Davie.




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