Halloween is a few weeks away and you probably have visions of pumpkins, haunted houses, and parties. Whatever your plans, finding the right Halloween costume is more than likely on your to-do list right now! If you are already on the hunt, you know that some of these costume price tags can get downright disrespectful (like in the hundreds)! If you’re not trying to spend bill money for one night of wear, you still have plenty of options that won’t break the bank. Here are some tips for getting in the Halloween spirit without resulting in a scary account balance.  

  1. Go Thrifting.  Your local consignment shop could be a gold mine. There are usually tons of Halloween costumes for adults and children that have only been worn once, and are priced very reasonably.  
  2. Keep your options open. You might be dead set on that Game of Thrones costume but, all that leather, fur, and armor is going to add up quickly.  Be open to picking another type of costume that might be more affordable and still make you the center of attention at the Halloween party.   
  3. Trade or borrow from a friend.  Ask a few of your friends if they would be up for a costume swap.  Your choices might be limited but, you can probably find something original that would work and cost you nothing. This is a perfect option for kids’ costumes because they outgrow them so quickly and can be passed down between siblings or friends.  If both you and your friends have kids that have been outgrown costumes, the costumes can be passed down.  
  4. Shop last-minute.  If your nerves are not easily frazzled by crowds and you plan on purchasing your costume from a store, consider waiting until the day before or the day of Halloween.  By that time, stores are getting ready to move all of those items out and will reduce prices significantly.  
  5. Go the clearance route.  Many online stores have costumes on clearance already.  The exact one you had in mind might not be there but a discount up to 75% might persuade you to pick something else you like.  A few great Halloween costume sites with post-worthy clearance sections include www.yandy.com, www.spirithalloween.com, and www.wondercostumes.com.  
  6. DIY.  Don’t feel like searching online or going to store-after-store? Get creative and design your own costume.  You might find some of the items you need right at home and spend very little or nothing at all. For Snow White, throw on a black dress, red lipstick, a red hair bow, and hold a red apple as a prop. Have some cardboard boxes lying around?  Decorate them with a Sharpie to create a train costume.  

As you can see, you can scratch those plans of going all out this year! Staying within your budget does not have to take the fun out of Halloween or any other holiday. Set your costume budget and proceed to look fly in your costume for the low!  Take the money you would have spent and watch your savings grow. Have a safe and fun Halloween!

Written by My Fab Finance Contributor, Candice Davie




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