Happy April and Happy Financial Literacy Month!

I want to take the time out to say thank you! You all are absolutely amazing and you continue to inspire me with your successes each and every month.

April is Financial Literacy Month so I wanted to give my readers a special gift. I worked diligently with my graphic designer to create this financial organizer for you. It is complete with a monthly financial calendar so you can track your bill due dates, a debt repayment plan sheet, an account information page, and more!

When I decided to get my finances together, getting organized was the first thing I did.

As you begin to spring clean, use this to organize your finances so that we can make this your best financial year yet! Print it out, put it in a 3-ring binder and whip your finances into shape. This template will only be free during the month of April, and after that I will sell it for a nominal fee.

So share it to everyone you know and let’s make the rest of this year fiscally awesome for you!

MFF Financial Organizer


And don’t forget that we have our Frugal Fab 5 Spring Clean & Grow your finances event coming up April 12th!

Attendees will:

– Create a debt reduction plan
– A clear understanding of how your credit score is calculated
– A credit plan to help you raise your credit score as much as 100 points in 1-year.
– A complimentary e-guide: 9 Ways to Successfully Handle Debt Collectors.
– Frugal, fabulous FUN!
– Lunch
– A complimentary copy of Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche’s bestselling book, The One Week Budget!

Click here to invest in your financial future and secure your seat today.




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