I really enjoy Halloween. Like reallllyyy enjoy it. So much that I attended 3 parties  last year and wore a different costume to each one. My costumes were pretty fabulous, but what I’m most proud of is that I didn’t spend a dime over $100 for all three costumes combined. 

If you plan to hit the party circuit and prefer not to buy an overpriced, poorly constructed costume here are a few affordable halloween costume ideas that you can execute yourself (and a list of supplies or items you would need).

90s Halle Berry
What you’ll need:
(1) A short haircut or wig
(2) A Black off the shoulder skirt
(3) Simple make-up and red lips
(4) A colorful or jean mini-skirt






2014 Festival Circuit Andre 3000
(1) A white wig
(2) A black flight suit
(3) White sunglasses
(4) White lettering and a political message








Trap Queen
(1) Whatever you want to wear
(2) Mouse traps (glue them to you shirt)
(3) A Queen crown
(Because this idea is so friggin original, there isn’t no picture for it)

A Tourist
(1) A Fanny pack
(2) A Map
(3) An oversized souvenir T-Shirt
(4) Trucker hat (options)








Josephine Baker
(1) A fingerwave wig
(2) A pearl necklace
(3) A bedazzled Bra
(4) Plastic Banana’s
(5) A Tulle tutu skirt to paste the banana’s onto






Olivia Pope
(1) A shoulder length wig that will feather and flip (so necessary)
(2) Wide legged trousers
(3) A button down blouse
(4) A really bad ass coat
(5) A large handbag
olivia pope








Beard Gang
(1) Face paint or makeup to create a beard if you don’t have a beard
(2) At least 3 other friends to wear “beards” with you

Again, no photo available because this idea is so friggin original!

Couples idea: The Jones’ (that everyone tries to keep up with)
(1) Your best effortlessly chic outfit
(2) Sunglasses
(3) Attitude

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.59.21 PM









Cookie Lyon
(1) A skin tight animal print dress
(2) A white fur (or faux fur)
(3) A ponytail
(4) Red lipstick
(5) Door knocker earrings
coockie lyon




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