Your's truly was selected as one of AfroPunks 31 Most Beautiful People!

Your’s truly was selected as one of AfroPunks 31 Most Beautiful People!


For the first time since my trip to Africa I am taking a blogging break.

My Fab Finance is my heart, but I need to step away from writing for the blog over the next few weeks and focus on the amazing opportunities at hand.

Over the next few weeks I will be:

  • Putting the final touches on my first e-book which will drop the first weeks of September (somehow I managed to write the book and blog simultaneously).
  • Writing a few commissioned articles for some awesome media outlets.
  • Counseling my one-on-one credit repair clients.
  • Taping a segment with
  • Planning the October Credit Repair webinar intensive
  • Planning the redesign of and the Launch of
  • Buying a car. CASH! I’m so excited to have a car without a car note. It’s not brand new but it’s new to us and was well taken care of by it’s previous owner.

But don’t fret! I wouldn’t just leave you hanging.

I will continue to post guest posts from my amazing financial blogger friends from around the web!

Don’t miss me too much and definitely don’t forget to be Fabulous!

(Need to get in contact with me? Drop me a line via the contact us page.)

See you soon!





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