closetbefore4Today’s guest post comes from one of my very good friends, Miss Naja Matthews. You might remember Naja from her Beauty on a Budget piece last year. Well, a few weeks back we welcomed Naja as one of our newest contributors. She will pen fashion and lifestyle pieces for the site.

Without further adieu- Do It Your Damn Self With Miss Naja

A few weeks ago, I was inspired by a good friend to revamp my space. She showed me a picture of a cloffice (a closet and and office) and it was love at 1st sight!

I live in Manhattan, so the hottest commodity of all is a comfortable living space. I am always looking for ways to maximize my small space. I also work from home, so a cohesive work environment is imperative. I headed over to Pinterest to get some inspiration.


After gathering supplies, we got to work! I enlisted the aid of my favorite handyman, and we started the task of turning my cluttered closet into the picture of perfection. I decided on my color scheme then we applied paint and allowed it to dry overnight.

Pic 4

Once the paint dried, we began the real work. and installed the shelving. I would highly suggest measuring your space before purchasing your shelving and table. If you are feeling craft make a table out of shelving! then top things off with a stylish yet compact chair. These materials should cost under $100!  The extra decorations can be added over time.

price breakdown

After about a day of hard work, my cloffice was complete!

I’ve already been more productive the last few weeks since this has been finished.  It’s really amazing how having a dedicated space that you actually enjoy coming to can change your attitude about work.  This project also serves to show that with organization and creativity, even a small, overlooked space can be transformed into something useful.

So what say you? How are you maximizing your space?

Naja Matthews is an author, social critic and lifestyle blogger. She hails from Memphis, TN but can currently be found in Harlem televising the revolution.

Naja Matthews

Naja Matthews




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