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Human beings are pack animals and have an innate desire to belong . For many the desire to belong leads to debt. This phenomena is often referred to as “keeping up with the Joneses.” This English language phrase refers to individuals that live beyond their means to achieve or maintain their social status. Keeping up with the Joneses  and debt have become a way of American life.  According to CNBC, in 2015  8 out of 10 Americans had some form of debt.

One of the challenges we face as consumers is wading through the barrage of aggressive and subliminal marketing messages that encourage us to spend against our better judgment. Advertising executives and behavioral scientists dedicate their days to finding ways to convince us to spend.  Common marketing tactics include:

  1. Appealing to our desire to belong
  2. Our need for reward
  3. Strategic positioning of products in stores and on social media
  4. Creating urgency and forcing you to act on impulse and not logic

These marketing tactics begin to affect our decision making. Before we know it, we find ourselves in debt and scampering to gain our financial footing. Anyone who has accumulated debt can tell you it is one of the easiest things to do. You harmlessly swipe a card in exchange for good and/or services. The result is often an unexpected and intimidating credit card balance.

Paying off debt sounds easier than it actually is. Debt elimination can be difficult. It often evokes feelings of deprivation, a sentiment in contrast to the one felt when good(-s) and/or service(-s) are purchased. Debt payment is prioritized while the gratification of new purchases takes a backseat. This may feel like deprivation or even punishment because the desire to acquire new items is neverending.

Here are common reasons you may be struggling with debt elimination:

  • You are more committed to creating debt than eliminating it. This one hurts but you have to be honest with yourself. Are you prioritizing frivolous items over important items such as your financial freedom?
  • You don’t have accountability team.
  • You don’t have debt elimination plan. You might not even know how much debt you have, you just know you have it. Paying your debt each month doesn’t mean you are properly paying your debt. Most individuals juggle multiple debts that have different terms and interest rates rather than choosing the strategy that is best for them.
    • You don’t have anyone questioning your spending decisions
    • You don’t have support during challenging or tempting moments
    • You don’t have anyone celebrating with you when you do the right thing with your money
  • You’re not making enough money to aggressively eliminate debt. Sometimes debt is the result of an income issue such as a significant reduction in income such as a job loss or medical event.

Any of these sound familiar?

Well enter Pay Down My Debt a company that helps people who want to pay off their debt faster, affordably. They use funds from your account biweekly, or bimonthly to pay your loans according to the terms of each loan.

The process goes a little something like this:

  1. You select the loans/bills to enroll. This could be a credit card, student loan, mortgage, car payment, personal loan, or all of the above.
  2. You select a debit schedule – weekly, biweekly (every other week), bi-monthly (two fixed dates in the month), or monthly.
  3. Once enrolled, you set up your debit/payment schedule. Once you have set this up you will have complete visibility into your early pay off tracking, payment schedule, transaction history, and adjusted amortization schedule.  

It works by setting up smaller, more frequent automatic debits to pay your loans. You receive a plan AND accountability, two necessary components of eliminating debt.  PLUS Pay Down My Debt reduces the total amount of interest you have to pay. As a result your balances decrease faster, so less interest accrues.

The fee is $9.99 a month BUT for that price Pay Down My Debt monitors your credit, gives you up-to-date information on your credit score, and provides you with two full credit reports annually.

You can take it out for a test drive and receive t the first month FREE using my special link.

Debt doesn’t have to be a part of your story. Whether you go with Pay Down My Debt or join our FREE Banish The Balance Debt Elimination e-course, it’s important to take action because one thing is for certain, your debt won’t disappear without action.




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