The easiest way to save on most groceries and household items is to buy in bulk. You know, BJ’s wholesale, Sam’s Club, Costco. Bulk items get you the most bang for your buck, but what do you do for a family of one? As a single woman, I can’t bring myself to buy a lot of things in bulk, I can’t even buy a gallon of milk, without it going bad.

I often find myself picking up dishwashing liquid, toilet paper and cleaning supplies on the go, from a bodega or local drug store, which means I end up over paying, every single time.

My goal is to get into couponing, which I have decided is a fine art. Couponing requires discipline, dedication and time.

My couponing mentor, Lisa, is a phenomenal mother, wife, and friend, who leads The Sanctuary church alongside her husband in Elmont, NY. Lisa has also developed quite the stockpile. Costco has nothing on her pantry, and the fact that she always pays 80% less, or more than the ticketed price is amazing.

The image below is not Lisa’s stockpile but it’s a solid example of a typical couponer’s stockpile.


Lisa has decided to share her couponing brilliance by hosting a yard sale to raise money for renovations for their new church building.

Despite not having the time to commit to coupon clipping just yet, I was able to reap the benefits and get $70 off a bunch of items at Lisa’s last Yard Sale.

Yard sales are great, but the yard sale of a professional couponer is mind blowing.

Check out the haul I got for $45, which at Target or Walmart would easily cost me over $100. (Retail value for items actually came to $114.58)


Here are three reasons you should check out a couponer’s yard sale.

1) The Savings are Ridiculous – I saved about 40%.

2) Money Goes to a Good Cause– Proceeds and donations from Lisa’s sale go to their church, The Sanctuary which is doing great things for the community in Elmont NY.

3) Shop From Home- I actually shopped over the phone, I was out of town when the yard sale was scheduled, so I did my shopping with Lisa over the phone.

Lisa is having another stockpile yard sale this Saturday June 21st from 9am- 5pm. If you are in the NYC area and interested in attending please comment/ or email me for address details.I am completely in awe about what she was able to do with the items in her stockpile. She is actually using her skills and savings to support an entire community!

I always tell her that she needs to teach a class, and luckily for us, she will.

Lisa and I will be hosting a Couponing 101 workshop very soon, space will be limited so please contact me if interested!

If you aren’t in the NYC area be on the look-out for Coupon Yard Sales in your area.

Do you use coupons? What are some of your favorite saving methods? Go on and share below <3




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