Late last week as I was rushing home I spotted what looked like cold, hard, cash money (yep all of those adjectives were needed) on the ground. I work in the Financial District of NYC so our streets are rather crowded around 5pm, but I can spot money anywhere, I’m just wired like that.

As I walked closer and the owner of the soon to be lost funds walked further away, my assumptions were confirmed and it was a rather neatly crumbled $10 bill.

Keeping it wasn’t even an option. I was just debating how aggressive I was willing to be to get the lost bill back to him.  Before I knew it I was trucking ass in my Nine West pumps. I caught up with the gentleman, tapped him on the back, politely told him “Sir, I think you dropped this” and went on my way. As I walked down the subway steps I commended myself for giving the money back to him. I then said a little prayer  thanking the creator for all the blessings I’ve been receiving and ask that the good deed be returned to me when I needed it most.

Well. God didn’t waste anytime with me.

Fast forward to today.

This morning my fiance’ asked if I would take the rent to the rental office and informed me that he would leave his portion in our mailbox. I confirmed and continued to proceed with my morning regimen so that I could get to work at a timely manner. This isn’t the first time we’ve set up this arrangement, but it was the first time that I forgot.

It wasn’t until I was sitting at my desk at 3:45pm this afternoon that I remembered.

My heart sunk.

Thoughts raced.

There was a blank money order sitting in our mailbox just waiting to be taken by an underpaid postal worker who could easily assume that our rent was God’s reward to them. We hadn’t been late on rent our entire 2 years of living here, and due to the upcoming website redesign and wedding, I simply did not have the extra room in my budget to shell out our entire rent because of my forgetfulness.

I changed into my rushing flats and left work early with the hope that I would beat the postal worker home. I unlocked our door and saw that one of the mailboxes were left open and had new mail in it. My heart sunk as I inserted the key to open our mailbox.

We had new mail.


But under the new mail, was the envelope, that my fiance’ had left this morning, with our undisturbed money order.

I wanted to cry.

This was my reciprocity for returning that gentleman his money. And while my rent was significantly more, being the believer in Karma that I am,  I know that the outcome could have been very different over $10.

And that is Reason #32 It doesn’t pay to be greedy. And perhaps reason #2 New Yorker’s aren’t so bad after all.





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