Two weeks ago I announced the #MyFabIsLess Challenge . Rather than pay to get my acrylic nails redone  I decided to save $600 and do my nails myself.

In the past my nails would chip by the end of the first night so I knew if I was going to pull this out I needed to bring in a solid product. I received a sample of the Sephora X Pyrotechnic and really liked it so after reading reviews on the Sephora Formula X system I decided to give it a try.

And the verdict is:


I ordered it online because I get airline miles for buying from the Sephora Storefront via my dividend miles account.

The set comes with three steps: Cleanser, Base Coat, and a Top Coat. Currently Sephora is running a promotion and they are throwing in a Formula X nail color for free. It’s a $54 value and you get it for $32.

You start with the “Cleanse” step (clear blue), which strips oils from the nails and peps your nails for polishing. Next you apply the base coat (clear pink) which creates “a tacky surface to help the polish hold”.

Next you apply the polish. I tried the system twice before writing this review because I wanted to provide an accurate review. The first time I used a drug-store polish from my existing collection and my manicure lasted about 3 days. The second time I used the Formula X polish I had received as a free sample. This made all of the difference.

Last you apply the top coat which gives you the long lasting shine of a gel manicure. It dries very quickly so smudging is also less of an issue.

Images below demonstrate the staying power.

Day 2


Day 3


Day 6


Day 7

Nails Day 7

By day 7 the nails were chipping slightly at the tips but nothing compared to what I’ve experienced with other products. It even outlasted salon manicures. They aren’t gel but they remove quickly with acetone nail polish and don’t require soaking off.

I love the system.

The costliest thing would be collecting enough Formula X polishes so that you have a healthy rotation so I recommend choosing a color that you like a lot and then buy a polish once a month until you get about 4-5.

Do you currently use the system? Or are there other ways you have maintained your manicures?




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