Guess who is co-hosting Season 2 of the original series “Going from Broke”, produced by Ashton Kutcher?

Yep, ME!!

From personal experience, I totally understand how the emotional toll of debt can be suffocating, making it difficult to make the right choices. However, it is never too late to turn any financial mess around. With a solid game plan and belief that things will get better, your money goals are just a few (or many) consistent steps away. 

What It’s All About:

On the new reality show Going From Broke, watch as I along with co-host, Dan Rosensweig help six millennials who are drowning in massive personal debt move toward financial freedom. Some of the obstacles they learn how to navigate are:

Student loan debt

Medical debt

Preparing to purchase a home

Pandemic-related unemployment

Kutcher said, “This awesome production model brings viewers inside the transformation process. Going From Broke is the first makeover show that invites the audience to engage with the cast, financial experts and each other across social media while watching the process unfold ‘live.’”

Season 2 of Going From Broke, takes audiences inside the process involved with transforming one’s finances. Check out the premiere for FREE on Crackle!




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