15 Kick A$$ Money Affirmations To Super Charge Your Financial Journey

The financial journey is full of joy and pain… sunshine and rain. (I seriously just did a B-Boy body rock after typing that.)

Okay, okay let’s get semi- serious.

The financial journey is rewarding but it is not always without challenges. We often hit bumps and minor road blocks along the way that can discourage us from proceeding or knock us off our game. But those events are not an indication to pull off the road. Challenges are an opportunity to utilize the information you have gained and persevere in the face of adversity.

Story Time

My Fab Finance isn’t my first attempt at blogging. I moved to New York in 2008 with a music blog that highlighted indie artists. Despite achieving minor success, I wasn’t able to generate income running the site. Two years later I decided to close the site. The out of the blue I had the idea to start My Fab Finance. I initially started the site to document my journey to financial freedom, in hopes of earning free clothes. I just wanted some free clothes y’all!

I had an epiphany while traveling through Europe. I love My Fab Finance and the projects I was involved in. I met a few other bloggers that were simultaneously able to create income from blogging and changing lives. A new possibility was unveiled to me. I set out to generate enough money through My Fab Finance to earn a respectable side income. I wrote down positive affirmations and began saying what I wanted every day.

And guess what? It WORKED! Today I make anywhere between $1500-$4000 on My Fab Finance a month. It has not replaced my income from my full-time job but it will. I know it will because I continue to practice positive thinking and I am walking in my purpose.

Storytime /Over

I firmly believe in the law of attraction. I have seen it work repeatedly in my own life which is why I wanted to gift you a few money affirmations to help you along your journey.  Below are 15 affirmations collected from last week’s #Financialpalooza challenge.

I encourage you to write down at least 2 of your favorites or create your own. Post your affirmations in a place that you walk by every day. Mine are posted on my bedroom mirror. Make it a practice to repeat the affirmations to yourself as often as you can throughout the day. Continue to do repeat these affirmations, even if the results aren’t immediate. Things will begin to happen.

The only thing I ask is that as changes begin to occur in your life, please share them with me. I love to see the power of positive thinking transform individuals lives.

Now. Let’s get to the good stuff <3

  • I move from poverty thinking to prosperity thinking and my finances reflect this change. – LaToya Joseph
  • I am a money magnet. – Jamie Fleming-Dixon
  • I am debt free. Money is constantly flowing into my life. – LaTrice Worthy
  • I walk in abundance all my needs are met. – Monique Parker
  • All demands have been fulfilled and every need has been provided for. – Jennifer Terry
  • My steps are ordered, my finances are in order, and I embrace abundance. – Bianca Michelle
  • My money makes money. – Asiah Charles
  • I love money. Money flows easily into my life. – Melody Bundy
  • My money consciousness is always increasing and keeping me surrounded by money. – Sasha Be
  • I am a good steward over my blessings. – Alicia Williams
  • I control my money, my money does not control me. – Keeyana M. Avery
  • I create wealth and live rich in faith, love and family. – Ijana Nathaniel
  • I walk in my purpose. Peace, healthy, and wealth with follow. – Marquita Ki Fokus
  • My self-worth and net worth are growing. – Janese Evans
  • Every day I am attracting and saving more and more money. – Angela Beaty

Thank you to all of the individuals that participated in the contest and shared their affirmation. If you have one that you use and would like to share it with the My Fab Finance community, leave it below.


[Giveaway!!!] Act Like a Success Conference

Last March I ventured to DC for my first conference ever, the Get Radical Conference. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but simply put, it was life changing. I was provided with a venue to work through my goals, hope and dreams and surround myself with other women who were on a quest to greatness. I created new friendships and adopted mantra’s that guide me to this day. I’ve seen things in my life move as a result of this conference.

For example Doreen Rainey, the conference founder and organizer had us determine our non-negotiables. Mine was writing a book, and I utilized the motivation I gathered at that event to write 7 Life Changing Money Tips .

Now I get the opportunity to pay it forward. Doreen’s company was purchased by Steve Harvey last year and the Get Radical conference has since been rebranded as the Act Like  A Success Conference. And one lucky My Fab Finance reader will win a ticket to the conference!!!

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Who Is In Your Corner? The Importance of Accountability Partners

Earlier this year, I started reading a book called Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality. It came highly recommended by a social media friend, and it’s a great book for anyone who wants to move from constantly conceptualizing to action.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is,

“Accountability, one of the most crucial benefits of engaging with your community, is what binds you to the relentless pursuit of your ideas. As you become accountable to others, your creative impulses become tangible products. Your ideas grow roots. Community strengthens both your creative energy and your commitment to channel it.”

I couldn’t agree more with the author’s statement.

You see a few years ago, I suffered from always talking, rarely doing disorder. I had all of these amazing things I told others I was going to accomplish but my track record was questionable. I turned over a new leaf with My Fab Finance. I am happy to say that since it launched, I accomplished just about all of the goals I set out to and those changes are largely attributed to who I’ve kept in my corner.

My friends are awesome  (I mean duh, I chose them).

But as my goals began to shift, I had to forge new relationships that aligned with those goals. I now have an accountability tribe surrounding me.

My tribe consists of my sister and my best friend from childhood – both know me better than anyone on this planet and keep me grounded and offer a perspective outside of those in my creative circle.

On a cruise in December 2010 with my sister and best friend.

On a cruise in December 2010 with my sister and best friend.

My personal finance friends/ friendtors (Friends + Mentors), keep me motivated in the space. We talk to each other about the successes and challenges we are dealing with in the personal finance space and provide each other with feedback and advice. But most importantly, they are my accountability partners.

One of my lead accountability partners is my sis-Star Kara Stevens of TheFrugalFeminista. We talk regularly. At one point we spoke to each other every morning and every evening.

Me and my accountability partner Kara "The Frugal Feminista" Stevens.

Me and my accountability partner Kara “The Frugal Feminista” Stevens.

During these calls, we outlined our goals for the day and then circled back with each other in the evening to discuss our progress. During these calls, we would also practice our amazing exercises. We have created a space where we could brag with each other without being ashamed or boastful. I tell Kara one reason why I am amazing and she tells me a reason why she is amazing. It’s a fantastic exercise that really puts things into perspective. I am so thankful to have Kara and my Frugal Fab 5 ladies in my life.

My other accountability partner is… YOU!

I am very vocal about the reason I created MyFabFinance. As much as I love you all, it was slightly selfish. My Fab Finance started as my accountability partner. I wanted to put my goals out there to an audience, which helped me and continues to help keep me on track. There are times I am on the verge of a terrible financial decision (like balling out at Zara) and I stop and ask myself, “What would my readers say?”.

Accountability partners work wonders and are most effective when two or more of you are committed to a goal. It is the same science behind AA sponsors, it works! We find it easier to let ourselves down than we find it to disappoint others.

Whether you need someone you can call to stop you from spending unnecessary money at DSW; you need someone to inspire you when you feel like eating out despite a kitchen full of groceries; or you want to start knocking out your goals, I urge you to enlist an accountability partner to help you achieve your goals.


If you are having an issue finding an accountability partner, let me know in the comments below. I can try to do a little accountability matchmaking. And if you already have an accountability partner, tell us how and why it has helped or not helped you achieve your goals.


This post contains affiliate links, which means I could earn money for bringing you awesome content.

5 Lessons New York City Taught Me About Money
Life Lessons from NYC

Photo credit Phillip Klinger

Back in 2008 I took a leap of faith and moved to New York City with $500 in my pocket from Charlotte, NC. At the time I ran an online music magazine that highlighted independent artists. I loved it and moved to NYC so that I could be closer to the opportunities. Fast forward to today, 6 years later. I’m amidst another transition with My Fab Finance, and preparing to step out on faith again. All of this “reflecting” shifted my thoughts to how far I’ve come personally and professionally as well as the money lessons I’ve learned along the way. I put them into a post appropriately titled, 5 Lessons New York City has taught me about money.

Here are a few lessons I have learned:

1.    Sharing is not only caring, it’s cost effective
Living in a city that is one of the most  expensive in the US teaches a thing or two about budgeting. Prior to living in NY, the last time I had roommates was while living in Miami during undergrad. When I moved to NY I learned the true value of sharing. Sharing rent and utilities, organizing group trips to cut down on costs, sharing taxis, potlucks… you name it. I learned the art and value of using collective power to cut down costs.

Me and my former roomates.

Me and my former roomates.

 2. Nothing remains the same, prices almost always go up
After living in NY for a few months I figured, it was safe to get rid of my car because I’d pretty much be able to use public transportation exclusively. Since moving here in 2008 the MTA has made drastic changes to the program. The eliminated the beloved unlimited day pass and 14-day pass while increasing fares. Within 5 years I’ve watched the monthly metro card increase from $89 per month to $112. One think we can count on is for prices to increase goods, services, or products.

On the subway in 2008

On the subway in 2008 with my best friend, Ashton. This was her first time visiting me in NYC

3.What I don’t want to become
My first real job in NYC was working at an affordable housing facility. I came in contact with 60 year old women who we’re struggling to get by on their social Security, for some this was $675 a month and their rent was $575. Living in such a crowded city that’s dependent upon public transportation forces you to interact with people you wouldn’t ordinarily interact with. On any given day you encounter a stressful teen mother on the train or the elderly man who is standing in the cold handing out Barbershop flyers and hating every minute of it. NYC serves as a constant reminder of what I don’t want to become. That I want more for my life and more stability and enjoyment in my current and future years.

4. Everything that glitters ain’t gold
New York City is not the only city with a fake it till you make it population, but it is the finance and fashion capital of North America. Celebrities love this city and this city loves celebrities. This coupled with a dense population leaves people craving to feel different or that they belong to the upper crust of the New York social scene. When I first moved here I was involved in artist management and ran an online magazine. I recall knowing and aspiring rapper who wore nothing but high end labels yet was squatting on his sisters couch and promoters who rocked furs and  yet couldn’t afford dinner. In turn I’ve met people whose wardrobes consisted of free T-shirts and they still wore clothes from 15 years ago yet they owned a home on the upper east side and had 70k in their savings account. I’ve learned not to be impressed with how people appear because that is not always the complete story.

Tweeting from my 25th birthday party which consisted of a show line up of my favorite independent artists.


5. The power of an influential network
In a city such as New York you need connections. So many people are talented and so many come here to live out their dream. Very seldomly do you break into positions and opportunities without knowing someone. The great thing about this city is its diversity. If you are like me you crave friends from all backgrounds, disciplines,and talents. I know fashion designers, lawyers, writers, activist, event planners, videographers, etc. By genuinely navigating these relationships I’m able to barter services or receive products/ services at a discount. I’ve often heard it’s not what you know but who you know but I’ve seen that repeatedly in NY. I’ve attended popular concerts and sporting events free and landed jobs because of who I knew.


Since turning 21 I’ve lived in Cincinnati, Miami, San Antonio, Charlotte, and New York. I’ve traveled to Toronto, Canada; Paris, France; London; Kingston, Jamaica and San Juan, Puerto Rico. I haven’t met a city yet that teaches you as much about yourself and life as New York.

On the Brooklyn Bridge in 2012

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