It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Also known as the most wonDEBTful time of the year. According to a Daily Finance survey, 57 percent of parents reported that they were going to take on debt over the holidays in order to buy gifts for their kids. Interestingly, per a recent survey, those with household incomes of less than $35,000 said they were willing to take on an average of $700 in debt, while those bringing in $75,000 or more were thinking about $300.

I will admit I put a purchase or two on my Macy’s card last year and I have banished that card to the back of my sock drawer this year. I’m challenging myself and you to make it through this holiday season debt free.


That’s right. Debt FREE.

Just think about how amazing it will be to start off 2015 without holiday debt. And to make sure we stay on track I’ve created the My Fab Finance Holiday printable to serve as your guide along the way which I am gifting to you today for FREE.

 The package includes:

 A Gift List chart: This sheet will help you plan out who you plan to gift to and how much you plan to spend. Use a pencil when filling it out because you might even decide to reduce the number of people on the list and/or the amount you will spend on each person’s gift.

An Other Expenses chart: The holiday’s are not only expensive because of gift giving, it’s expensive because of all the other costs associated with the holiday. The “Other Expenses’ form provides a place to list and asses your additional holiday costs so that you can create a budget for them as well.

The Actual Expense Log: I’m a huge fan of doing daily self check-in’s. This form will allow you to jot down and track you daily holiday spending. It’s essential in monitoring your progress and can help you nip bad habits in the butt.

So what are you waiting for?! Download your FREE printable by clicking the image below.

(Note: The site I use encourages donations. If you feel so inclined to donate, by all means do so. You choose the amount. If your budget isn’t set up like that, I understand. Simply enter $0 in the price field and it is yours for free.)






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