The budget wedding planning Is In full swing y’all. If the ring wasn’t enough, its official, we have a wedding on our hands.

I’ve been dropping tidbits about the #ForeverFlashy wedding on social media over the past few months, including our decision to switch up our wedding plans just a few weeks after we put our deposit down on an elaborate Maryland wedding factory (not really a factor, but they crank weddings out like one). More on this decision later when the wedding segment of the site is up and running but I will say we are aiming to pull off a wedding in Brooklyn, New York for $7,000.

But let’s talk about what you came here for because I took a giant leap towards our impending nuptials this past weekend and purchased my dress!

Upon the urging of my girl Latisha Styles over at Young Finances I checked out Brides Against Cancer.


I had not previously heard of the organization but after checking out the website I found that not only do they offer dresses at a steep discount, the proceeds go to Breast cancer research. Their traveling trunk show makes stops at major cities across the United States and they host two day events where brides can come shop gowns and check out local vendors who cater to brides. Most of the gowns were previously worn so you have to inspect them for stains, rips, or issues.


I’m so happy Latisha recommended them because I was considering buying a dress from China from a seller on Etsy (I know, I know, but she had great reviews). After trying on gowns at the event, the style of dress I thought I wanted did absolutely nothing for me and the dress I selected would have never gotten a second look from me other wise.

It turns out Brides Against Cancer offers a military discount. We weren’t even going to ask about the discount, but the cashier informed us of the 25% discount after we showed our USAA card. When everything was said and done my Demetrios dress ended up costing $480! In the interest of maintaining transparency I will say that my dress has a noticeable black mark on the bottom, but I’m having quite a few alterations done and intend to tuck that mark into my train.

I know that for some $480 may not seem like a bargain, but wedding dresses are extremely expensive. I tried on dresses at this event that were $1800! So I’d say I made out well with my $480 dress that will only be worn for 6 hours max. I intend to donate it back to Brides Against Cancer.

I also urge you to consider donating your dress to them or another charity if you have a dress collecting dust in your closet because let’s be real, you didn’t wear your mom’s dress, and your daughter probably won’t be wearing yours.

And you will have to wait until our October 2015 wedding to see photos of my dress, but I can share images with you of the ones that didn’t make the cut.

photo (60)

photo (59)




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