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It’s easy to get into a food rut due to limited recipes or time. In our house, convenience and variety were the top reasons that we dined out because we found ourselves cooking recipes that were familiar to us, utilizing familiar flavors and spices.  But when the pandemic hit, my husband and I were hesitant to order take out. We also zeroed in on the importance of eating nutrient-dense, minimally processed meals that support our health. We made some serious changes and committed to being more intentional in the kitchen. 

This past year, I’ve expanded my cooking repertoire–exploring new flavors and different meals to satisfy our desire to try new things. Food has the power to mentally transport you to a fond memory or a distant land. I have also found that there are a few foods and items that are versatile and can serve as foundational elements for a variety of meals. One of the best ways to decrease the likelihood of dining out is to make it easy to prepare things that are different.

We source our recipes from a variety of places, but Pinterest is my favorite. I scan the ingredients lists to make sure they don’t contain items that my husband is allergic to, given he has seafood and nut allergies. Now that Karris is older, things are simple and he eats what we eat.

Grocery delivery is still one of our favorite options and I often opt for Amazon Fresh because of the wide variety of fresh produce, meat and dairy items as well as pantry staples. This means we’re not only saving money by preparing all of our meals at home, but we’re also saving time getting things delivered directly to us or scheduling pick up. 

Did you know that if you’re a SNAP recipient you can shop Amazon Fresh (in most metropolitan regions) without a membership? Customers paying with a SNAP EBT card also receive access to free delivery on qualifying grocery orders and exclusive deals, like discounts across grocery brands. SNAP benefits can really lighten the burden of a household budget, and the fact that you can utilize your benefits for grocery services with Amazon is major.

Head to to learn more. 

Now that there is a glimmer of life returning to normal, our household still plans to prepare as many meals at home as possible and continue our diet of nutritious whole foods, because maintaining a healthy diet is a lifestyle that pays off.

If you are looking to build up your kitchen staples supply so that you can prepare a variety of types of meals at home, I’ve compiled a list of our favorites to keep stocked from Amazon. 


Pantry Staples & Dry Goods:

Organic brown rice

Dried beans


Olive oil

Coconut Oil

Balsamic vinaigrette

Himalayan Pink Salt

Black peppercorns



Coconut Milk

Bone Broth

Red Curry Paste



Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

Bay leaves


Dried thyme 

Dried oregano

Italian seasoning blend







Sweet Potatoes

Green Beans









Mandarin Oranges





Refrigerated Items


Organic Chicken Thighs

Organic Chicken Wings

Organic Ground Beef

Organic Ground Chicken

Wild Caught Norwegian Salmon

Wild Caught Cod or Haddock

Coconut Yogurt

Oat Milk

Unsalted Butter

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