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By Candice Davie

How well you can save, budget, and increase your income all comes down to your thoughts.

Yep, how you think!

Our beliefs surrounding money greatly influences what our finances look like, and our mindset affects our habits which in turn, equals certain outcomes. 

Just changing our mindset is not always easy though and here’s why:

Well, our mindset is rooted in the dynamics of our upbringing and life experiences which means that we are choosing to switch off beliefs that we’ve had for years and years.

Think about it, when you were growing up what were the conversations about money?

Did you believe that money was hard to come by?

Were finances openly talked about from a positive point of view? 

Did you believe that certain goals were off limits?

Going on a financial journey is much more than physical paper. It is energy, it can be emotional, and involve triggers that we might be completely unaware of. 

Learning how to change the mindset you may have had all your life can be difficult but it is a necessity when it comes to seeing a shift in your finances and all other areas of your life. 

A few ways to begin to adopt a different mindset include:

  • Listening to uplifting audiobooks and podcasts that align with your desires daily.
  • Brainstorm all the possible ways to get closer and closer to your desires as a fun self-care journaling practice.
  • Create a Pinterest board to help you visualize your desires.
  • Create scripts of what life will be like once you have your desires.
  • Take small steps every day towards your desire and track the steps so that you can see everything you’ve done.

Also, starting March 29th we are hosting a 5-day challenge to help you learn how to create a better relationship with money and get aligned with abundance! 

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