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A sound financial foundation includes a well rounded investment portfolio. We regularly receive investing questions here at My Fab Finance a few weeks ago so I turned the tables and asked an important investing question of our Instagram audience. We wanted to know what the My Fab Finance audience considered most important when making a financial investment in an auto company’s electric vehicles (EV).

Growing up I always envisioned that by 2021 we’d be riding in flying cars. That technology isn’t readily available yet, but GM is making remarkable technological advances with their electric vehicle fleet which includes the investment of $27 billion in EV and AV products through 2025 and the launches of 30 new EVs globally by the end of 2025.

Out of five different survey options related to investment considerations, our audience overwhelmingly responded that one of the most important factors in their EV investment strategy was that the company had developed battery technology that reduces vehicle prices and driving range.

Most successful investors will tell you that investing is a long-term play. You make investment based on where a company is today, but if you plan to allow investments to age in your portfolio you want to invest based on where the company is going. 

We’ve had an opportunity to learn more about where GM is going when it comes to their electric future and here are two innovations worth noting.


This new business from GM is designed to help delivery and logistic businesses lower costs, maximize productivity, improve employee safety and freight security, and support overall sustainability efforts.

BrightDrop offers a new way to help business deliver goods and services more efficiently. For example, the BrightDrop EP1, an electric pallet, was developed to more easily move goods over short distances, and the BrightDrop EV600, an electric light commercial vehicle, was purpose-built for the delivery of goods and service over long ranges. 

The Brightdrop ecosystem will offer software solutions and other services too.. BrightDrop’s first 500 EV600 vans will go to FedEx Express and it’s exciting to see that their focus isn’t just on the consumer but also at the enterprise level.

Ultium Technology

Ultium will be the foundation for GM’s next-generation EV lineup, powering everything from mass-market to high-performance vehicles, including the GMC HUMMER EV and Cadillac LYRIQ. GM’s Ultium platform will be capable of delivering an EV that can go up to 450 miles on a full charge1, will power EVs of many sizes, shapes and price points, and is capable of 0-60 mph2 performance in as little as three seconds for some models

Lastly, not a feature but a campaign, GM recently revealed a new “Everybody In” campaign that is meant to reflect a future for the company’s EV’s that is inclusive and accessible. As mentioned above, GM plans to release 30 new EV’s globally by 2025 across different styles an price points and their flagship GMC Hummer EV Edition 1, is already creating quite a stir and has already sold out. 

Whether or not you feel that an electric vehicle is personally for you at this time, there are a number of ways to support the manufacturing and growth as well as take advantage of the growing consumer interests in EV, such as investing in them and the companies stewarding innovation. 




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