If you live in NYC or a place with a real winter like me, you can’t wait to get a break from this cold. I’m taking a trip to Puerto Rico next month for Valentines day weekend and it cannot come soon enough. I came across Jasmine aka Freckurls’ DIY project scrolling through her instagram. I loved it and wanted it for my trip. Although it’s winter I thought I’d share this with you for your winter getaway or to give you ample time to perfect your technique before we are basking in the warm rays of summer again.

Enjoy Jaz aka Freckurls Post!


To complete this project you’ll need:

A Maxi Dress
2 Spray Bottles
(peroxide) optional


1.Bundle your maxi dress into multiple sections. (This is to create the tie dye affect) For this project I used rubberbands. If you don’t use rubberbands, make sure to use something that wont bleed on the fabric or be broken down by the bleach.



2. Have 2 spray bottles handy. Bottle #1 should be plain water. Bottle#2 should have either half & half of bleach and water or 3/4 ratio of bleach to water. (There’s no harm in a 3rd bottle with a different bleach:water ratio)

3. Begin spraying and allow the bleach time to penetrate. You should begin to see a difference at 10min. How long you choose to spray and let it settle is subjective. Don’t leave it too long and weaken the fabric.(be careful, the bleach is strong)

4. When finished, soak the dress in the sink (feel free to pour a bit of peroxide into the water, for oxidation)

5. Remove the strings or whatever you used to bundle the dress.You should now have a tie-dye maxi.


6. For Fringe: Just cut fringe slices from the bottom up and get creative however you see fit.

And Ta-Daa



Jasmine considers herself as an everyday girl who is sharing things that inspire her, via social media, in hopes of inspiring peers. She’s a west coast native, born in Los Angeles, raised in Vegas, and back and forth between the two. Jaz recently relocated to New York, in hopes to finally be in a city that feeds her creative side. She is enthusiastic about natural hair and is a licensed cosmetologist in 3 states. In essence, she is a life stylist whose purpose is to inspire others! 

To see more of the lovely Jasmine check out her Youtube or her Instagram

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