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Today’s guest post comes from my sis-Star, accountability partner, friend, and 1/5 of the Frugal Fab 5, Mrs. Kara Stevens, founder of the Frugal Feminista. She started her journey by paying off 40k of student loan debt in 2 years! She’s easily on of my favorite people and one of the most financially savvy women I know. 

KaraStevesHave you ever been preparing for a vacation and the first thing you say to yourself is: “What do I have to wear?” It’s a common response most people say because, let’s face it, we want to look great while on vacation. But in a day in age where gas is too high, rents are skyrocketing, and buying eggs and milk may set you back a few dollars, being smart about your shopping choices shouldn’t have to be a second thought. And that’s why it’s time to get re-acquainted with your closet, create the style you want, and do it all on a budget.

Yes, YOUR closet. The one place you’ve probably ignored for quite sometime because you haven’t shopped in a while and feel as if a trip to the mall would suffice for your style woes and wardrobe insufficiencies. Well, I’m here to give you a lift, a new frame of mind, and an alternative way to make your style come together from the comforts of your own home; all while saving a little cash and being creative with YOUR style.

It’s official SUMMER YA’LL.  Here are a few tips to maximize your closet and making your wardrobe pop:

 1)     ENVISION WHAT YOU WANT YOUR STYLE TO LOOK LIKE: This is so key. Like with many things we want in our lives, everything starts with having a VISION. If you know what type of style you want to create, it helps to jot it down mentally. That way, it’ll help you focus on making wise fashion choices when putting it all together.

2)     BE CREATIVE AND HAVE A GREAT EYE FOR DETAIL: Not everyone knows how to put together a style and make it look good on them. That is an art. But if you’re able to put items together that are creative and can showcase your visual aesthetic, you’ve mastered a fashion technique that’s hard to come by.

Tonya pairing a Dreams of Fash Skirt with a Her Threads Top this weekend

Tonya pairing a Dreams of Fash Skirt with a Her Threads Top this weekend


3)     COLOR BLOCK or Mix Prints: So many women are playing with their closets recently and I love it! If you have a few cool pieces with awesome prints or solids you want to accentuate with each other, go for it!

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 9.38.30 AM

4)     UP THE ACCESSORIES: Summer is the best time to accessorize with your wardrobe, and make your wardrobe pop. Not only is it fun, but it works wonders on adding spunk to a potentially dull fashion piece. I also believe in going BIG for the summer. Big earrings, big bangles, big rings, big sunglasses, and big purses.  Hats are also another big thing this summer. From Fedora’s to old school 60’s hats, it’ll play up any dress, skirt, tunic, short set, and jumpsuit!

5)     HIT UP A VINTAGE SHOP & THRIFT STORE: While some may frown and stick their noses up at the thought of rummaging through racks on racks on racks of used clothes, I promise you, vintage and thrift shopping not only saves money, but can make your wardrobe standout this summer. Find a cute pair of one of a kind high waisted denim shorts, vintage dress, retro skirt, or wedges to pair with pieces you may already have hiding in your closet!

One of Tonya's favorite thrifted items, this $4 skirt.

One of Tonya’s favorite thrifted items, this $4 skirt.

As you can see, it’s not only easy, and fun, but super affordable to get the summer wardrobe you want.

And Tonya here! Last but not least be on the lookout for great events such as our upcoming Sip, Swap, and Shop where you can swap clothes and shop the closest with other fashionistas in your area.


We still have a few tickets left and as a gift to my readers I’m offering $2 off when you use my code MYFABFINANCE!

So, Frugalistas, what style are you going for this summer?




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