A little under a year ago I was in hair crisis. My hair was dry, brittle, and lifeless. I was unhealthy and I was perplexed. So I sent my good friend Lindsey aka PrincessLinzz a frenzied text. Her response was priceless. She said “It’s not your products T, It’s your process”.

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In a market where natural hair products are popping up quicker than one can keep up and subscription services are peddling products by the month its can become hard for one to navigate the noise and find what works best for you. I  understand the journey though, as someone who was relaxed for 27 years before deciding to go natural, learning my hair texture and the products my hair received best was a journey in itself. I’d watch youtube video for hours and run out to buy the products only to be disappointed or quickly move on to the next thing.







The products Lindsey recommended weren’t necessarily cheap but they saved me money over the long run. So without further delay here is my Princess Linzz no fail regimen!

The Products:

Carols Daughter Rosemarry Mint Clarifying Shampoo

Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor (Use when needed)

Aussie 3-Min Miracle Conditioner (Moist)

Infusium 23 Leave In Conditioner

As I AM Leave In Conditioner

(If I am going to blow dry) Aveda Brilliant Damage Control

Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey (If I am air drying in twists)


Step 1: I wash my hair every two weeks. Back in the day I used to co-wash. Due to time constraints I don’t do that any more. I simply wash with my Carol’s Daughter Clarifying Shampoo. This shampoo helps remove the styling product I use in my hair over the two weeks.

photo (42)

Step 2: Apply Keratin Reconstructor and cover with cap for 5 minutes max!

Allowing Aphogee treatment to work

Allowing Aphogee treatment to work

Step 3: Wash Aphogee treatment out and finger detangle my hair into 4 sections. Apply Aussie 3 Min Miracle as a leave in conditioner. Cover with cap for 1-2 hours. Some times I sit under my dryer, sometimes I don’t . I just depends.

photo (43)

photo (44)

Step 4: Wash out deep conditioner with cool water.

Step 5: Each section is unbraided as I go. The Infusium conditioner is applied followed by the thicker As I Am conditioner.

Step 6: If blow drying my hair (I’m currently on a no heat regimen after a winter of blow drying) I generously spray each section with Aveda brilliance proctectant and the blow dry section by section. I then braid my hair into about 12 smaller braids using ORS smooth and hold pudding sleep inthese over night and I am done!

photo (45)

My braid out

My braid out

Step 6: If air drying my hair I detangle each section as I go. After I have detangle a section I make 6-9 twist in each section. As I am doing the twists I apply mimosa hair honey to each smaller section. I wear my hair in a twists style for 2 days before taking it down and wear a twist out until the twists become less defined (my hair absorbs humidity like no other).

photo (47) photo (46)

Over time (1 week to 1.5 weeks) I allow my hair to “fro” up.To do this I simply stop braiding it into individual braids every night and sleep with my hair in a  pineapple. Also, because I have always have thin edges that were thinned out more by my weave and braids last fall I apply jamaican black castor oil to my edges every other night. I have seen great results using this product that you can buy for $6 from your middle easter grocer.

My Pineapple

My Pineapple


And that is the low down on my hair regimen and ritual 🙂




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