Today’s guest post is from freelance writer, Jane Hudson.

Exercising is an important part of my daily routine. I am an active person so it’s important that my body always be prepared. After all health is wealth right?

Working out properly means you have to follow the basics like stretching and cooling down exercises. Not only that, you have to wear the right workout gear too. Having the right workout outfits prevent chafing and provide muscle compression. When you’re comfortable with your clothing, you will run longer and perform better.

But, that is an added expense. If you’ve never worked out before chances are you don’t have workout clothes sitting around the house that actually fit. How can someone who is attempting to be mindful of their budget remain mindful of their spending while building out their workout wardrobe?


I want to share with you five tips on how to save money on workout clothes :

Stay away from the latest arrivals. Yeah they are fancy, but new arrivals cost way more since the items are being introduced as the current trend. If I like something, I wait a few months until retailers drop its price as they will be selling a new style. Those galaxy print tights are bound to go on sale.

Shop at discount stores. The great thing about the world being obsessed with fitness and the perfect physique is that companies are looking to cash in, which means virtually everyone has a fitness line. Check store like H&M and Forever 21 for super cute items that wont break the bank. Old Navy and Marshall’s also have great finds for less.

Forever 21 SS14 Workout Outfit

Forever 21 SS14 Workout Outfit

Split promo item cost with friends. Some shops offer promos like buy-one-get-one, buy-one and get the next item for half the price, and other similar money-saving deals. I shop with friends or friends in mind when I see an ad like these in shops. We can share with the cost. Shopping without friends? Buy the items and have them Venmo you later!

Use gift cards and discount coupons. I make use of gift cards or discount coupons like Footlocker Coupon Codes 2014 for workout shoes and clothes to reduce shopping expenses. Always search for codes online. Some stores give discounts on top of the sale price which means an even deeper discount. And did you know that many retailers will take online codes (as long as they aren’t exclusive online codes) at the register? Don’t be afraid to ask, it could save you money.

Slowly build up your wardrobe. It can be tempting to go on a shopping spree and buy everything you need at once. But chances are you will not wear everything you need every day. Did you buy your entire work wardrobe in one day?! (If you did, e-mail Tonya lol) Buy two sports bras here and there. Make sure that exercising is something you are committed to before spending tons of money on looking the part yet not being committed to the actual part.

There are many ways to save money when shopping for workout clothes for women. However, it takes a lot of self-control on your part to wait for the best time and not give way to the temptation of owning something on trend or the concern of being stylish in the gym.

Be a smart shopper to get big savings for your purchases.

Two Women Exercising With Weights

Author Bio: Jane Hudson is a freelance writer from She writes on saving money and frugal living, and more. For more of her helpful blog posts, please go to her blog or G+ to see useful tips on various topics

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