About 3-4 months ago I became obsessed with Yoga.

While Yoga has numerous health benefits, I became interested because I am extremely inflexible and wanted to increase my flexibility. I also wanted to challenge myself. I admire the straight and agility of my instafriends who are able to loop and intertwine their bodies into intricate Yoga pose and I wanted to push myself.

One thing I know about myself is that I become fascinated with things and have a tendency to abandon them just as quickly. Rather then going out an dropping money on Yoga classes I wanted to make sure I liked it and that it was something I could stick with. As well as I wanted to get my weight up before I walked into a Yoga studio looking crazy and weak. I wanted to at least make sure my downward dog was on point.

I began doing at home Yoga by watching videos and fell in love. At the beginning of my practice with a difficult job. I found that Yoga reduced my anxiety and stress levels. I was consistently in a  better mood and my body felt amazing. And lets not even speak about Yoga before bed. Try it. Best Sleep of your life!

Over the past few month I’ve noticed increased strength and flexibility. Here’s my latest progress pic. This week I finally got into Crow pose:) (Excuse my tramp stamp. It was my first tattoo)


YouTube is an excellent resource for Yoga instructors. If you don’t like one find another. And if you really like one, you can subscribe to their channel and watch their other videos. I recommend it to each and every person I have the opportunity to speak to about fitness. My YouTube fitness isn’t limited to Yoga, I’ve also done kickboxing, dance fitness, and basic routines at home. It’s great for someone who isn’t quite ready to hit the gym yet or simply doesn’t have time to go to the gym on a regular basis. All it cost me was a Yoga mat which I got from Marshall’s for $8.99

Below are two of my favorite YouTube Channels for Yoga.


I’m huge on health and believe that health in itself is wealth. Have you turned to a gym alternative to keep your fitness regimen costs down? I’d love to hear about it as well as your progress.




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