Happy New Years Loves!

This is the first post of the year and one of my resolutions was to blog more about ways Im remaining financially fabulous in my daily life. What better way to start that with my New Years look.

One common mistake that people make before major events and celebrations is the need to buy a new outfit for this event. When I’m tempted to do so, I always remind myself that most likely 75-95% of the people where I’m going don’t care if I’ve worn an outfit before. And if they do care, thats actually their problem, not mine.

It’s become important to invest in quality pieces as opposed to several pieces. Quality pieces may cost more, but they can stand up to repeated wears, saving me money in the long run.

So for last nights look. My good friend Belkis and I updated a dress I had in my wardrobe that was purchased as a gift for me by my boyfriend. The dress also slipped down on the shoulder more than I liked.

We attached gold chain to the back to take the dress from basic to fab.

I purchased the chain from a local trim store for $9. We measured the back of the dress and decided where I wanted the chains to hang. I then securely hand sewed them on. Below is the before and after.

Dress DIY Before and After


For my hair I took it to Youtube. Being that my hair is natural (free of chemicals) , situating it can be quite a feat at times. I was inspired by my instafriend @NappturallyChicJerie. All it took was a $2 pack of braiding hair  and bobbypins to create a glamorous look for the evening in FIVE MINUTES!

Hair CloseUP


MYLadies NYE

Here is Jere’s Tutorial.

For my makeup I took a few pointers from my friend Naja Matthews , utilizing her recommended products which I already have included in my make-up collection. For a little more va va voom I purchased lashes from the local beauty Supply store for $2.50.

I hope you enjoyed bringing in the New Year as much as I did. Lets all agree to make this year the best it can be.

Can’t wait to speak to you on tonight’s Twitter Chat!!!!!!

NYE Celebration




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