We made it through another hectic school year and summer, my favorite season, is finally here. Now that the kids are out of school, I can finally breathe. As much as I’m an advocate for learning and education, nothing beats not having to check homework and help with science projects. I’m just sayin’.

As moms we are great at planning fun in the sun for the family, but what about us? Moms want to have fun, too!

So for the next few weeks I’m going to share ideas for you to find serenity and have some fun for less.

Hanging with girlfriends is a fun, inexpensive way to unwind.


You can host the first get-together and everyone can take a turn hosting. This works well if you and your girls have children around the same age. The kids can come along and play with each other while the moms hang out.

Tips for creating the ultimate girlfriends get-together:

  1. Gather your favorite board games and pick one or two to play. Leave the rest as options – who knows what will happen as the day turns into night.
  2. Make it a potluck. Ask your girlfriends to bring a dish or a drink so the hostess doesn’t have to do it all. Everyone will appreciate this when it’s their turn to host.
  3. Transform your backyard into a tropical getaway with inexpensive decorations from the dollar store or Five and Below. Their selection has really improved and they have great deals. gI_74618_luau-party-ideas
  4. Instead of paying a DJ, create a playlist on your iPod and get the party started.
  5. Have special treats/prizes to reward the kids for good behavior (i.e. not bothering mommy while she’s at her party).
  6. If at all possible, ask your spouse or partner to take the kids for the day, or keep them occupied for a few hours.
  7. ENJOY YOURSELF!! Kick back and relax with your girls. If this isn’t something you do on a regular basis, force yourself to live in the moment. Don’t worry about anything else outside of laughing, eating and drinking your favorite summer drink. Take full advantage of this time to rejuvenate and recharge.

How will you make time to have fun this summer?

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