How to Transition your Work Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

Fall is finally here, and you know what that means? The weather is changing and so is your wardrobe! Whether you’re working from home or the office, dressing appropriately for your career is imperative. Seasonal changes can make getting dressed somewhat challenging and a little costly. Pour a cup of coffee and continue reading to learn How to Transition your Work Wardrobe from Summer to Fall (on a Budget) for both business professional and casual work environments.

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3 Holiday Looks for Less by Christina of Just Missed The Runway

My body is well aware that holiday party season is in full-swing. I’m exhausted, I can’t party like I used to.

But you may not be old like me and still have some party left in you so I wanted to share a few lovely holiday looks courtesy of my good friend and soon to be stylist (crossing my fingers) Christina A. of JustMissedTheRunway. I met this sassy, fierce Ghanaian bombshell at this past Blogging While Brown and it was love at first sight. we’ve since created a supportive friendship. She’s definitely one of my favorite people of 2014.Read More

5 Lessons I Learned From Wearing The Same Clothes For 30 Days

I wore the same clothes for 30 days.

Let me re-phrase that, I wore the same 8 pieces for 30 days. A few blogger friends and I came together and created our own version of Jean Chatzy’s challenge. We called it the #8for30Challenge

I inherited my love of clothes honestly. I mean, my mother has 3 closets. Yep that is not a typo. She has three closets and is retired! She even knows the shipment schedule of her favorite stores. I grew up with a woman who loves options so you know the shopping struggle is real for me.

The challenge took place in April. It was fun and really allowed me to exercise more creativity with my wardrobe and maximize my closet for less.

Here are the top 5 lessons I learned from the 8 for 30 challenge.

1. When buying clothes select versatile pieces.

Before I decided to change my life and my ways I was super guilty of buying things just because I liked them. These mindless decisions often led to buyer’s remorse. During this challenge I saw how important it is to purchase with a plan and buy pieces that complement each other.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 8.14.32 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 8.14.50 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 8.15.08 PM

Despite the bold print my trusty ASOS sweater went with almost everything.

2. Cardigans and blazers are the best thing everrrrr!

Thank God for cardigans and blazers. We decided to classify them as accessories for this challenge and boy were they clutch. Had it not been for that decision I probably would have been very grumpy. By utilizing these previously undervalued items in my closet I was able to switch up my looks easily.

On this day I changed up my black Calvin Klein dress by wearing a belted H&M blazer over it.

On this day I changed up my black Calvin Klein dress by wearing a belted H&M blazer over it.

3. The importance of buying quality pieces

Three of the pieces from the challenge did not make it out of the challenge. My cream blouse from Target started fringing, my Asos sweater developed holes in both armpits, and the zipper on my jeans broke. The pieces that made it were the items that were well made, supporting the quality over quantity argument. Buy less and when you do buy; buy better (within reason).

4. It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it

Because this challenge forced me to be more creative than I normally am, I had to develop my confidence and own my outfits. Just go with it and people will go with you.

I never would have worn my accordion skirt with a pair of sneakers.

I never would have worn my accordion skirt with a pair of sneakers.

5. No one cares

Do you know how many times I didn’t have creative “mojo” in the morning? One week I wore my black pants from the challenge three days in a row and guess what? No one at my office cared! As a matter of fact they didn’t even know I had worn them the days prior. I know we think that people are really checking for what we wear but the majority of the time they have way more important things to worry about.

With that said, I was sooo happy when the challenge came to an end. I missed having free reign of my closet. The challenge did help me curve my spending, I can count the amount of clothes I purchased this summer on both hands.

I made it through unscathed and I look forward to doing another challenge.

Any suggestions?


[Video] NYC Join Us for Fashion and Finance on July 26th

I am so excited!!! The Fashion and Finance event is almost here! Check out the video below for more details and get a sneak peak of some of our raffle prizes.

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My Fab Fashion- How To Fashionably Wear Flats


The fabulously brilliant T.Espinoza is back!. You probably remember T from the print mixing post . She was also one of the ladies who participated in the #8for30 challenge with me or you might have seen her on Black and Married with Kids. T is the Style Medic and she is here to dish out her budget friendly fashion advice. I’m so happy to connect and learn from her and share her with you beautiful folks.

If you want more of T you can find her at The StyleMedic.Com .

Recently, a reader posted this question on our Facebook fan page: “Ok, so I love the ideas of heels, but the activity of my days require flats? Can you post some fashion that is chic with an everyday flat? I am always trying to find the right pant leg and skirt combo to change heels to flats with.

I dunno about y’all but I definitely have days when I wake up and think “I am not wearing heels today!” These days are usually preceded by a nine hour day where I was trottin’ around in 4 inch stilettos and my feet have not yet forgotten. I spend most of my time at a desk but that walk to my office is a country mile and I have the added issue of being a busy body who just can’t stay seated. On the days when I’m craving comfort but still want to look fly, I turn to my cutest flats to take me through my day.

Luckily flats are always in style… it’s just a matter of which style you choose and what you pair them with. So whether you decide to go classic or trendy, here are some tips on how to fashionably wear flats!

1. Choose styles carefully.  Pointy toe flats work best with wide leg pants while round toe ballet flats work best with ankle length pant styles that show a little skin. **Extra credit** When buying pants, decide whether you’ll wear them with flats or heels.

2. Make sure your pants aren’t too long. If they’re dragging the ground, you’ll look sloppy and you’ll probably end up with damaged pants. Not a good look.


Lauren over at Stylized Existence put together these 3 looks for work. Click the here to check her out!

3. Try flats in stylish colors, luxe fabrics and textures to add some flair to your look.

4. Choose quality. Sure you can snag a pair a flats at the local beauty supply store for $12.99 but they will look and feel like $12.99 shoes. In the case of shoes, you get what you pay for and if you want these to last more than a couple of wears or seasons, you definitely want to choose quality over convenience.

5. Don’t forget the details! Most flat styles are pretty simple so jazz up the rest of your outfit with bold details and accessories. You could also opt for a pair with embellishments like studs or buckles to up the Fab factor on a basic look.

6. Rocking a skirt with your flats? Choose a shorter skirt that falls away from your hips and hits you right above the knee to avoid looking stumpy. You could also cheat a little and rock a kitten heel or sliver of a wedge to give you a little boost.

Here are some options to get you started:

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[Guest Post] The Price of Style

Vic Sanders is a Los Angeles based wardrobe stylist, costume designer, natural hair enthusiast, and style blogger. This article originally appeared on her blog, .


(Photo from

Yesterday I was featured as Fashion Bomb Daily’s Bombshell of the Day.

If you are a black girl who loves fashion, then you know how major this is. I have been following Fashion Bomb for years and never had the confidence to submit my pictures, until recently. The overall feedback on my style blew me away. Most commenters had nothing but kind words to say, and the few who gave “constructive criticism” all said the same thing “You have on the SAME pair of shoes in every picture.” And that’s what sparked this post.

First, for the record, I honestly own over 100 pairs of shoes. I remember my father used to call me Imelda Marcos because of my shoe obsession. However, the attack on the extent of my footwear collection is not what this post is about.

The harsh reality of social media, and fashion blogging, is that regular people are holding themselves to the same standards that celebrities [and famous bloggers] are held to. I can recall hearing countless friends say “I can’t wear this because I already have a picture of it on Instagram.” Even I am guilty of not wanting to repost the same look more than once.

Where did this mentality come from? Why on Earth are people so obsessed with portraying an unlimited wardrobe?

As a celebrity stylist I am here to tell you that celebrities and famous bloggers get a majority of their clothes as gifts or loans from showrooms.. thus… they hardly ever recycle what they are wearing. As a blogger I am here to tell you that countless bloggers buy and return items simply to create an illusion of a never ending supply of clothes. As a regular working woman I am here to tell you that I do not have an endless wardrobe. There are [obviously] plenty of times that I rewear things that I have purchased, and I have no shame in it.

There was one comment that said “I can’t respect you as a fashionista if you wear the same shoes”.

Does having style mean that you have to have unlimited access to clothes? Shoes, clothes, bags, everything costs money; so in order to be a star blogger or to have stellar style do you also have to have a large expendable amount of money? In today’s economy I would like to think that it was refreshing, not off-putting, to see real people reusing items they own to create a unique style.

Being a style blogger means that I am expected to always be on top of the latest trends, and constantly post pictures in never worn before items. As an avid Instagrammer, the same guidelines apply. Why are we so obsessed with fabricating an image of an infinite wardrobe, and where does it leave those of us who don’t have the means to do so? I wonder if the world of social media will ever change, and if we will ever grasp a more realistic concept of what style actually is.  Here’s hoping that we can stop equating it with the number of pieces a person owns or how many times they decide to wear them.

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We got #summertimefly14 ! Sip, Swap, and Shop Event Recap

We sipped, we swapped, we shopped!

On June 1st I had the pleasing of hosting and event with Niyya Tenee of Locs Revolution and Joy Spears of Confident Curls.

Joy Spears, Niyya Renae and Myself

Joy Spears, Niyya Tenee and Myself

Boy did we have an amazing time!

I managed to score a few items including a pair of authentic Fendi shades (Can we say hello Dubai?!) And as always the energy was beautiful. This was the first clothing swap I’ve been a privilege to be a part of but I am hooked and already looking forward to doing one for the fall.

Here are a few images from the event:

Ladies trying on lip colors from 127 East

Ladies trying on lip colors from 127 East


Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 7.58.31 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 7.59.29 AM

One of our raffle winners

One of our raffle winners, Shanie B of A Little Richer


Another one of our vendors

Another one of our vendors, Hecho En Harlem

And me, pouring up spirits to an attendee

And me, pouring up spirits to an attendee

Special thanks to all of our vendors and our venue, the Raw Space.

So whats up next?

I am amping up the #MyFabIsLess challenge and partnering with Housing Works for a private shopping event at their Buy the Bag warehouse. I am so thrilled that my girls The Budgetnista will be speaking on living richer and Carrie Pink, the Financial Stylist will reveal to you what your wardrobe says about you.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 8.12.20 AM


If your brand is interested in partnering with me to host an event or giveaway please contact me directly.

[Guest Post] 5 Must-Have Tips To Create Summer Style on a Budget

Model pictured in main image is wearing a Dreams of Fash jumper.

Today’s guest post comes from my sis-Star, accountability partner, friend, and 1/5 of the Frugal Fab 5, Mrs. Kara Stevens, founder of the Frugal Feminista. She started her journey by paying off 40k of student loan debt in 2 years! She’s easily on of my favorite people and one of the most financially savvy women I know. 

KaraStevesHave you ever been preparing for a vacation and the first thing you say to yourself is: “What do I have to wear?” It’s a common response most people say because, let’s face it, we want to look great while on vacation. But in a day in age where gas is too high, rents are skyrocketing, and buying eggs and milk may set you back a few dollars, being smart about your shopping choices shouldn’t have to be a second thought. And that’s why it’s time to get re-acquainted with your closet, create the style you want, and do it all on a budget.

Yes, YOUR closet. The one place you’ve probably ignored for quite sometime because you haven’t shopped in a while and feel as if a trip to the mall would suffice for your style woes and wardrobe insufficiencies. Well, I’m here to give you a lift, a new frame of mind, and an alternative way to make your style come together from the comforts of your own home; all while saving a little cash and being creative with YOUR style.

It’s official SUMMER YA’LL.  Here are a few tips to maximize your closet and making your wardrobe pop:

 1)     ENVISION WHAT YOU WANT YOUR STYLE TO LOOK LIKE: This is so key. Like with many things we want in our lives, everything starts with having a VISION. If you know what type of style you want to create, it helps to jot it down mentally. That way, it’ll help you focus on making wise fashion choices when putting it all together.

2)     BE CREATIVE AND HAVE A GREAT EYE FOR DETAIL: Not everyone knows how to put together a style and make it look good on them. That is an art. But if you’re able to put items together that are creative and can showcase your visual aesthetic, you’ve mastered a fashion technique that’s hard to come by.

Tonya pairing a Dreams of Fash Skirt with a Her Threads Top this weekend

Tonya pairing a Dreams of Fash Skirt with a Her Threads Top this weekend


3)     COLOR BLOCK or Mix Prints: So many women are playing with their closets recently and I love it! If you have a few cool pieces with awesome prints or solids you want to accentuate with each other, go for it!

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 9.38.30 AM

4)     UP THE ACCESSORIES: Summer is the best time to accessorize with your wardrobe, and make your wardrobe pop. Not only is it fun, but it works wonders on adding spunk to a potentially dull fashion piece. I also believe in going BIG for the summer. Big earrings, big bangles, big rings, big sunglasses, and big purses.  Hats are also another big thing this summer. From Fedora’s to old school 60’s hats, it’ll play up any dress, skirt, tunic, short set, and jumpsuit!

5)     HIT UP A VINTAGE SHOP & THRIFT STORE: While some may frown and stick their noses up at the thought of rummaging through racks on racks on racks of used clothes, I promise you, vintage and thrift shopping not only saves money, but can make your wardrobe standout this summer. Find a cute pair of one of a kind high waisted denim shorts, vintage dress, retro skirt, or wedges to pair with pieces you may already have hiding in your closet!

One of Tonya's favorite thrifted items, this $4 skirt.

One of Tonya’s favorite thrifted items, this $4 skirt.

As you can see, it’s not only easy, and fun, but super affordable to get the summer wardrobe you want.

And Tonya here! Last but not least be on the lookout for great events such as our upcoming Sip, Swap, and Shop where you can swap clothes and shop the closest with other fashionistas in your area.


We still have a few tickets left and as a gift to my readers I’m offering $2 off when you use my code MYFABFINANCE!

So, Frugalistas, what style are you going for this summer?

Created by nationally recognized millennial money expert Tonya Rapley, My Fab Finance is a leading financial education and lifestyle blog for millennials who want to become financially free and do more of what they love.

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