9 Insanely Simple Steps to Fix Your Finances This Year

We are a little over a week into 2015 y’all?! How are you doing?

Me personally? I’m freezing. They haven’t gotten the heat right in my apartment yet so my fingers are freezing as I type this lol.

Thank you for tagging me in you FabLane Goal sheet photos. How’d you make it through? I finally did mine last night and boy, it was intense!

I want to share a great article I contributed to over at Buzzfeed. They ask me what simple steps people could take to improve their finances this year and I proved 9 tips.

You can check the article out by clicking the image below.

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Over 10 DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

In case you didn’t notice, the holiday season is upon us. Clutch your wallet and your budget because holiday cheer and guilt are coming for it. Or not.

I spend the entire year pinning budget friendly DIY’s and I realized that some of these are pretty awesome gift-ideas. I also polled my dynamic Instagram family and received wonderful feedback regarding the best inexpensive gift they ever received.

My goal is to get you thinking about alternative and cost saving fit ideas, so that at the end of the holiday season you will feel accomplished and ready for

This list has a wide range of gift ideas that range from the novice DIY’er to a professional. So without further adieu, let’s get those creative wheels churning.

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I Found My Wedding Dress for Under $500!!

The budget wedding planning Is In full swing y’all. If the ring wasn’t enough, its official, we have a wedding on our hands.

I’ve been dropping tidbits about the #ForeverFlashy wedding on social media over the past few months, including our decision to switch up our wedding plans just a few weeks after we put our deposit down on an elaborate Maryland wedding factory (not really a factor, but they crank weddings out like one). More on this decision later when the wedding segment of the site is up and running but I will say we are aiming to pull off a wedding in Brooklyn, New York for $7,000.

But let’s talk about what you came here for because I took a giant leap towards our impending nuptials this past weekend and purchased my dress!

Upon the urging of my girl Latisha Styles over at Young Finances I checked out Brides Against Cancer.


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Avoid the Holiday Shopping Hangover with our FREE Budgeting Printables

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Also known as the most wonDEBTful time of the year. According to a Daily Finance survey, 57 percent of parents reported that they were going to take on debt over the holidays in order to buy gifts for their kids. Interestingly, per a recent survey, those with household incomes of less than $35,000 said they were willing to take on an average of $700 in debt, while those bringing in $75,000 or more were thinking about $300.

I will admit I put a purchase or two on my Macy’s card last year and I have banished that card to the back of my sock drawer this year. I’m challenging myself and you to make it through this holiday season debt free.

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DIY Body Butter Bar: Great for Eczema & Dry Skin

Last year I started making body butter for my fiancé and I. Well he completely changed the game up when he brought home a body butter bar as a gift. I was immediately fascinated and like the portability of the bars.

Because I am too cheap to pay others to do things I can do myself, I took to the magical land called Pinterest in search of an easy recipe. The ingredients and supplies were slightly different from my butter butter recipe but the concept was the same.

Winter is upon us my loves. If you have dry skin you will seriously want to consider this recipe. I have terribly dry skin. Like white flakes and my skin cracks dry, but these homemade body butter bars were so effective I can skip a day (Hey Mitchum!). And our homemade concoctions have tremendously helped my fiancé with his Eczema.

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What Do You Value?

About a month or so I had the pleasure of heading to FinCon in New Orleans where I connected with fellow personal finance bloggers and professionals. It was at this conference I also had the opportunity to meet Amanda Abella. Ms. Abella is a writer, speaker, and career coach. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs light their fire and conquer their fears.

Amanda gifted her book, Make Your Money Honey to me just before I left the conference and it has been one of my favorite reads thus far. I appreciate her approach, the exercises, and the book really got me thinking.


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[Guest Post] 8 Easy Apartment Hacks to Save You Money

Today’s guest post come from Kate Wilson. Kate is a Digital wordsmith. Bona fide social media addict. Passionate about blogging, black coffee, bildungsroman novels, and most things that start with “b”.

This article is not specific to New York City. Some of the advice will pertain to individuals in more traditional markets and we know that cities like DC, San Francisco , and New York are anything but that.


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