Today is Father’s Day; a time when we often find ourselves reflecting on the relationship we have with our fathers, and the friends and family members who have stepped up as father figures.  While watching their actions and listening to the words they spoke to us, our fathers were the first teachers on how a man should treat us, how to change a tire, and so much more!

This Father’s day, the My Fab Finance team share the financial gems they have learned from their own fathers.  

My father taught me how to turn interests into money. Growing up my Dad always had a side hustle outside of his 9 to 5 and still does to this day. While he may not have been a full on entrepreneur, he taught me that you can make money outside your 9-to-5. – Tonya Rapley, Founder of My Fab Finance

Even though my dad is no longer here, what he taught me about money and financial independence stays with me every single day. It shows up in how I value the work I do as a freelancer and creative, how I approach saving and investing, my adherence to a budget that works for me and my lifestyle and so many other powerful ways. My dad worked extremely hard to create a legacy and instilled in me the financial tools and resources to continue building for my own family. – Dani Williams, Assistant

I learned the importance of partnering with someone that shares the same money values and similar spending habits. – Dhanya Bell, Editor

My dad taught me that my focus should not be on spending on material possessions just to keep up with the Jones’.  My father would prefer to give to others than spend money on himself. – Candice Davie, Content Manager

What financial lessons did your father teach you?

Happy Father’s to all of the fathers out there!

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